Recognize the Historical Crossroad

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CSG 1994

Not only do we see racial discrimina-
tion, but even within the family we can
also find discord and disunity between
husband and wife and between par-
ents and children. The people of good-
ness are struggling with those who are
evil. Considering the current situation
of the world, it can easily be discerned
that the coming Lord must unite the
world into one, making it a place with
no racial discrimination and no barriers
between nations. He must reunite all the
broken families and establish a kingdom
of peace in this world, where even now
as we speak, goodness is in conflict with
evil. (53-72, 1972.2.9)

CSG 1239

Section 1. The Meaning and
Value of the Blessing
1.1. What is the Blessing?
1.1.1. The meaning of the Blessing
The Blessing signifies the True Par-
ents and true children coming together
to fulfill the purpose of creation. (19-73,
1967. 12.27)

The Heart of Jesus Who Must Restore All Tasks

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1958

Today, in this hour, I will speak briefly upon the topic of “The Heart of Jesus Who Must Restore All Tasks.” As you have learned through the Principle, the 6,000 years of the providence of God was the history of restoration. You are also well aware that the purpose of the dispensational history of restoration is to find the people and the world of creation that were lost.

Moreover, you know well that this one purpose is for the sake of saving people. The reason the universe has value is that it has the potential to accomplish this one purpose.

The reason fallen people want the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven is because they are created that way by nature. When we look at ourselves, we can see that fortune and misfortune crisscross in our lives. Even in the infinite and eternal world, the Kingdom of Heaven of joy and the hell of misfortune all coexist because of the fall of humankind.

You know that the coexistence of the desired Kingdom of Heaven and undesirable hell is inevitable during the restoration of fallen people. God has created all things, and among them He molded and created humans in the image of His hyung sang. Accordingly, as God is eternal, people can enjoy eternity. When God feels joy, people can also can feel joy. People were made to rejoice when God rejoices and mourn when God mourns. Yet among you today, there are many who are not even sure whether God exists. There are many who do not even think about when God is happy or sad.

Moreover, those who have lamented and toiled for Heaven and offered themselves as sacrifices have been enduring pains of indignation and injustice, even as they sacrificed themselves. People living on earth today cannot even imagine these things.

Who understands the heart of God, who could not abandon people even as He endured through the long history? It was not just once or twice that people betrayed Heaven. Humankind betrayed Heaven many millions of times throughout the long period of 6,000 years. Therefore, we, the descendants of these ancestors, are so shameful before Heaven we cannot even raise our heads; yet those who feel this are few indeed.

The agony of God since the fall of man has been how to allow people to experience His actual existence and His historical heart. Therefore, God chose Noah and Moses and raised them. Furthermore, God finally raised one person, Jesus, after passing through 4,000 years of a historical course. Jesus was the one person who could reveal the internal and external situation and heart of the Father, who had been clinging to the will of the providence of restoration and had been exerting Himself.

Jesus was someone governed only by God. He consulted with God alone. He was the one who understood the internal love and heart of God most clearly. What situation does the fall of humankind refer to? The fall was not understanding the situation of God. The fall was not understanding the heart of God. Therefore, God has been searching for the one individual who can be connected to His situation. He has been exerting Himself to search for the individual who can connect to His heart.

God finally found and lifted Jesus, the one person who could fathom His situation and share His heart. However, it was not to end there. It was God’s ardent desire that He could make His situation and heart known to humanity through Jesus. The Israelites had this very mission, to fulfill this intense desire of God, but when they turned against Jesus, a historical tragedy took place. You have to understand that historical success and failure, prosperity and decline, crossed paths here.

Accordingly, today we must walk the path connected to the situation and heart of God. We must possess the heart and love of God. Inside the glory of God, people can rejoice when God rejoices and be glad when God is glad.

You know that the one who came to the earth on behalf of all people as the true person, the one of the heavenly lineage who had the original nature of creation, was none other than Jesus. Because Jesus came to facilitate a relationship between God and man, he represented the situation and heart of God.

Therefore, if the people of that time had become one with Jesus, not only would they have been able to know the heart and situation of God, they would have also been able to become friends of Jesus. They failed to do that. You have to understand that, although this has traveled down through history, it has not been accomplished even now.

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