Recognize the Historical Crossroad

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CSG 1994

Not only do we see racial discrimina-
tion, but even within the family we can
also find discord and disunity between
husband and wife and between par-
ents and children. The people of good-
ness are struggling with those who are
evil. Considering the current situation
of the world, it can easily be discerned
that the coming Lord must unite the
world into one, making it a place with
no racial discrimination and no barriers
between nations. He must reunite all the
broken families and establish a kingdom
of peace in this world, where even now
as we speak, goodness is in conflict with
evil. (53-72, 1972.2.9)

CSG 1239

Section 1. The Meaning and
Value of the Blessing
1.1. What is the Blessing?
1.1.1. The meaning of the Blessing
The Blessing signifies the True Par-
ents and true children coming together
to fulfill the purpose of creation. (19-73,
1967. 12.27)

The Heart of Jesus Who Must Restore All Tasks

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1958

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