Do you Know the New Providence of Heaven?

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Joshua 6

Joshua said to the two men who had been spies, “Rahab kept you safe when I sent you to Jericho. We promised to protect her and her family, and we will keep that promise. Now go into her house and bring them out.”

The two men went into Rahab’s house and brought her out, along with her father and mother, her brothers, and her other relatives. Rahab and her family had to stay in a place just outside the Israelite army camp.[e]But later they were allowed to live among the Israelites, and her descendants still do.

Luke 9

While everyone was still amazed at what Jesus was doing, he said to his disciples, 44 “Pay close attention to what I am telling you! The Son of Man will be handed over to his enemies.” 45 But the disciples did not know what he meant. The meaning was hidden from them. They could not understand it, and they were afraid to ask.

What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 1958

Next, Moses had the mission to expand this family-level foundation to the scale of the people. He was then exiled from the people. God made Moses pass through the fate of being exiled. However, even if Heaven and the people drove him out, Moses’ heart of fidelity, earnestness and hope, which represented Heaven, did not change. He was able to lead his life as a shepherd for forty years in the Midian wilderness with an unchanging heart toward Heaven. You have to understand that only after that was the standard set to pull the people out of Egypt.

Since the standard of a people had been set, the time had to come when the standard of the world had to be set. The person who came with this mission was Jesus Christ. When Jesus appeared before the people, he faced the fate of being chased out when he stood in a position contrary to the thought and faith of the people. The people then drove him out. Not only did the people drive him out, humanity also drove him out. You know very well that this is the reason Christianity has progressed to the position where it can influence the whole world today, having passed through the fateful course of being driven out.

What will happen to Christianity, which is moving the world today? Since the ideal world of Heaven will certainly come in the last days, when that time comes, God will surely drive Christianity out.

Where will He drive them out to? Since He drove them out to the world stage centering on Jesus, now the time is coming when He will drive them out to the world of heaven and earth, centering on the entire world stage. In other words, there will come a time when one cannot stand firm only with a horizontal world ideology. No matter how much one boasts of the scientific civilization of today, it cannot cause the happiness of humankind. No matter how logical a system that a philosophy might have, it cannot solve all of humanity’s problems concerning life and ideology.

Consequently, after all fields are studied, scientific research will show that what is contrary to their expectations will strike them. Further, they will see that science has failed to save humanity. Although they are hoping to secure the peace of humanity by researching the enormity of atomic power, in the end, there will come a time when the world must throw up its hands in defeat.

Therefore, even if some scholar today dedicates his life to a field of study he loves, the question is whether that study can guarantee solutions to the problems of eternal life and eternal ideology, representing the heavenly principles. Now is the time when the very field one has been studying will drive one out. If it is philosophy, then philosophy will chase humanity out; if it is science, then science will chase humanity out; if it is religion, then religion will drive humanity out. When we consider this, we must realize that human beings today are in a precarious position of holding onto their faith in the midst of a desperate struggle.

Thus, scholars today are fighting over academic theories. The religious world is also fighting. Politicians are fighting among themselves, and families are fighting centering on families. Because people cannot formulate the foundation for Heaven that enables them to have faith, they cannot move forward, and they cannot turn back. The powers of darkness are blocking their path. Similarly, all of humanity will be driven into the position where they are completely hopeless, where they can do neither this nor that.

This seems to be a decline, but it is not. The time has come when humanity today must understand that it has been the will of God to step over the ideology of the horizontal world and connect humanity with the infinite spirit world. Because God is carrying on this kind of providence, in the last days, the last era, the whole world has sunk into the realm of fear. No matter how advanced a nation of the world may be, it is also shackled in the realm of fear where they cannot believe in themselves.

Nothing in this realm, not even religion, can put us in a position of blessing. Therefore, wherever we turn, we find an environment in which we are frustrated, we cannot believe, justice is shattered, propriety and law have disappeared, and the ideology of the heavenly principles cannot be secured.

Jesus proclaimed after he came to this earth 2,000 years ago, “In the end, your parents are your enemies, your children are your enemies, the beloved members of your family are your enemies.” Why is this so? It is because only when people cut themselves off from all the things that they have believed in and hoped for can they build a relationship with the new providence of Heaven.

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