Love Jesus More than Anyone Else

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CSG 663

If the person responsible for a nation
were captured by the enemy and then
given preferential treatment, his peo-
ple would scatter. If instead, he suffered
a miserable death his people would be
inspired to remain together. We can,
therefore, create unity with the spirit
world by going through difficulties. The
more we suffer, the more the spirit world
will relate to us and stand together with
If we just carry on in a casual way,
the spirit world will do the same. In this
sense, God unfolds His strategy through
Satan and He lets us suffer unrelentingly.
Sometimes He lets us get killed. Death
itself is pitiful, but the reaction creates
unity. (49-108, 1971.10.9)

CSG 834

In the original world, all elements
are connected, as the parts of a plant are
connected to the root. The sap, leaves,
and flowers growing from the same
roots will all be of the same strain. If
you can harmonize with the essential
elements coming from your roots, then,
when there is unity, there is nothing
extra you need to learn.

What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 1958

To allow people to avoid the time when they must cut off their relationship with everything, God has given the news of blessing. This is none other than the words of the New Testament, the Gospels that Jesus proclaimed. However, contained in those words was the amazing statement, “Love me more than anyone else.” Those words were intolerable at the time, but Jesus said them because he understood that people who walk the path of the heavenly principles must abandon all at once.

Jesus also knew that they must abandon all again 2,000 years later and he understood that those who abandoned all 2,000 years ago would obtain heavenly value and could bring on its effect again for the second time 2,000 years hence. Thus, Jesus made a proclamation that seemed contradictory to reality.

Do you have some friends today that no one can separate from you, friends with whom you can exchange a show of loyalty which represents history? Do you have such spouses, parents and children? Although people are supposed to believe in and rely upon each other for eternity, this is not so. Instead, the foundation upon which they can eternally believe in and rely upon each other is crumbling.

What would be our problem here? Is the providence of God to destroy all human justice, propriety and the laws of the heavenly principles? Although it might seem that way, the good heart of God who cares for humans, lies dormant in the background. Because Jesus understood this, he predicted it and stated, “Love me more than anyone else.” He also made the paradoxical statement, “Those who seek to gain their lives will lose them; those who seek to lose their lives will gain them.”

If this is not the truth, why does humanity have to believe it? If it is the truth, then there will come a time when those words will fully manifest their value. You have to understand that because today is such a time, the words written in the Bible will be realized as they are written.

Thus, today parents betray children, children betray parents, spouses betray each other, brothers and sisters betray each other, and friends betray one another. These are the kinds of individuals, families, societies, nations and world that have come into being.

Was it God’s will to create this kind of world? No, it was not. God wants to create a world in which parents can believe in their children and children can believe in their parents. He is trying to build the world in which spouses, brothers and sisters, and children can all believe in each other. Not only that, it is God’s hope to secure the foundation upon which people can find a comfortable place and, forgetting everything, rest there because they can eternally believe in their friends, society, nation and world. However, today the world is very far away from this hope.

Why is God putting the world in a position to be judged? It is because God has realized deep in His heart that no matter what He does, people cannot be trusted, the world cannot be trusted, and the doctrines of the world cannot be trusted. It is the will of God to awaken humankind that they must not center themselves upon anything on earth.

Accordingly, those on the earth who have trusted people a lot will be gravely wounded. Those people on the earth who have cherished many hopes in their hearts will be greatly disappointed. This is the actual situation human beings face today.

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