The One True Person Unites all Individuals, Humanity and the World

We successfully concluded the STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Conference!  Thank you for your prayers and participation.  Here is a picture:

Enjoy this important VisionRoot Video Blog:  Crowns, Rods of Iron & the Persecution of Christians:

CSG 2384

Parents exist for their children. If
parents existed for their own sake, there
would not have been the word parents.
In the future, a view of ethics should be
formed centering on the Principle of the
Unification Church. Parents should live
for the sake of their children. This is the
first and foremost rule of ethics. It is self-
explanatory. The position in which par-
ents sacrifice for the sake of their chil-
dren is not the place of misery, but the
place of happiness. (62-214, 1972.9.25)

CSG 870

In this world, your eyelids blink to
stop the dust in the air going into your
eyes. Is there dust in the spirit world or
not? If God had His eyes open in the
spirit world for thousands and tens of
thousands of years, would He feel good?
Since they blinked out of habit on the
earth, they will blink in the spirit world,
even though there is no dust. Why does
God blink? It is because He resembles
us. (197-15, 1990.1.7)

Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Evil has dominated the world until now with powers that have manifested themselves externally. However, just as there is a mind in a human being, so too there is a mind for the history of the world.

Although the direction of history might seem to be heading toward evil, this is not true. In the same way that human beings restrain their bodies centering on their minds and determine the direction that they will head in with resolution, history does not progress by itself either. You must understand that it has passed through a process in which God, who exists in the background, intervenes and dominates over certain times and periods.

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