Religion Should Find One Person Who can Share True Love with God

Cheon Seong Gyeong 214

    If we look at the history of the people of Israel, we see that Jacob could establish the conditions for individual restoration because he was victorious in the individual struggle with Esau. Later on, he could have a family because with God’s help he had prevailed in the family-level struggle at Laban’s house. Afterwards, Jacob’s descendants entered Egypt, the satanic world, in order to create a people. They were rescued from there with God’s help and were then able to enter Canaan and gain victory over its seven tribes. In this way, the Israelites could finally attack the satanic world while going through the forty-year course for the restoration of Canaan. Prior to the forty-year wilderness course there was a three-day course. The Israelites were finally able to begin the restoration of Canaan after going through this threeday course. Moreover, after entering Canaan, the Israelites had to restore the number forty once more.
    Since the providence of restoration has passed through such courses, I have to walk a three year course and a four year course after going through a forty year course. Adding the three year course and the four year course together gives you a seven year course. I will be able to bring the history of restoration to a conclusion and establish the heavenly sovereignty only when I pass through all of these courses.
    Originally, Jesus also was to have walked a seven-year course from the era of thirty-three and then established the standard of parents desired by God. He was to establish the standard for the restoration of all things, thereby concluding everything and fulfilling God’s will at the age of forty. Although this was the mission of Jesus, the Will remained unfulfilled because Jesus died on the cross without being able to accomplish it. Since the True Parents, the Second Coming, must inevitably take responsibility for the internal and external conflicts, they have passed through a forty year preparation period, a period of conflict. Although externally it was a forty year period of preparation, internally it was a period of strife. After having laid the spiritual foundation for victory, the groundwork for laying the substantial foundation combining the spiritual and physical was finally prepared on earth.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 905

    Would you all like to go to the spirit world? Between your desire to go to the spirit world and the desire of spirit people to return to earth, which is more sincere? From the standpoint of the Principle, should you be more passionate, or should the spirit world be more passionate? The spirit world is the world of the archangel, and this world is the world of Adam and Eve, the world of the children. The children should be more passionate than the servant, not the other way around.
    Are you supposed to help the spirit world or is the spirit world supposed to help you? The spirit persons are waiting to come to your aid, but why are they still waiting? Would they help you in building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth or would they help you to live comfortably? They help you in building the kingdom on earth. (161-227, 1987.2.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 2

The Messiah and True Parents

Section 1. History and the True Parents
1.2. The Desire of History

    The Unification Church uses the term True Parents. When we look into the history of the fallen world, we realize that fallen parents were born into this world and built the fallen world.
    We live in a world connected to false parents. It has nothing to do with the ideal world God and the True Parents envisioned. Many people have come and gone throughout the long history of this world, but there has been no one who could proudly say to the universe, “Ah! I am happy I was born as a human being and I have succeeded in all aspects of being human.” Hence, human history has been a sea of suffering and a history of sorrow, war and disease. This is the result of the Fall. Continue reading “Religion Should Find One Person Who can Share True Love with God”

A Husband Should Love His Wife as He Would God

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1295

A true family is one where the husband loves and lives for his wife as he would his mother, where the wife loves and lives for her husband as she would her father, and where the husband and wife love each other as they would their own brother and sister. Furthermore, the world in which the husband loves his wife as he would God and the wife loves and respects her husband as she would God, is the Kingdom of Heaven where ideal families dwell. Such a tradition must be established here on earth. (Blessed Family – 920)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1109

When the perfect love of God is manifested, Satan cannot appear. That is the fulfillment of the portion of responsibility. While fulfilling their portion of responsibility, the love of God and Adam and Eve meet in the realms of both indirect and direct dominion. There the vertical love of God and the horizontal love of Adam and Eve are connected. (173-286, 1988.2.21)

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 1

What is a true parent?

Section 2. The Origin of Trueness

Section 4. Trueness and the True Person

    What do we mean when we say something is true? Is it round, angular, or flat and wide? How can we define it? What is the basis for a definition of the word? This is the question. We say “true person” but what kind of person is a true person? A true person also has eyes, a nose, a mouth and a body.
    Then, is trueness limited to some location or does it transcend location? It transcends. Why does it have to go over such limits? What does this mean? We can know that this must be something that can represent and measure everything.
    Mathematics talks about formulas and physics talks about axioms and definitions, but what are they? Is a formula something small? Continue reading “A Husband Should Love His Wife as He Would God”

History Is Seeking Out the True Person

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1159

Who changes the lineage? It is not something which just anyone can do. You must understand that in order to accomplish this, I have passed through the tearful way of the cross. Because such a standard has been established, all of you without any personal merit are now able to inherit the new tradition through the Blessing. In order to establish the victorious realm of this change of lineage God had to toil for thousands of years and I had to suffer for my entire earthly life. You are the people standing on this foundation. The Blessing is engrafting; your lineage is changed through engrafting. (35-178, 1970.10.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1599

    History is seeking out the true person, the true nation and the true world. We ourselves are aware of our inclination toward become true beings. Then what is the standard of all true bonds of relationship? It is the parent-child bond between God and each human being. The heart springing from this bond is eternal, unchanging and unique, and cannot be altered on the authority of any being. Moreover, the authority of this heart is absolute. For this reason, all forms of existence would automatically bow down and submit to a being that appears with this authority, and the whole universe would have to follow his every move. This is an intrinsic rule of the universe. If it were not so, we reach the conclusion that we could not achieve our true purpose, nor be able to forge one absolute bond with God.
    If we were to consider that human morality and the heavenly principles might eventually come to an end, what form would that end take? That should be the day when God could say to humankind, “You are my true sons and daughters, however much I might try to deny it. My sons, my daughters: my grief and resentment have finally been relieved.” It should be a day on which He can relax, rest in comfort, and enjoy life with His mind at peace. Only when such a day dawns, after such sons and daughters have appeared on earth, could God’s new, ideal world emerge. (7-104, 1959.7.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 1

What is a true parent?

Section 2. The Origin of Trueness

Section 3. The Standard Measure of Truth

    If we agree to use the metric system, then however long something may be – one meter, one hundred meters, or more – there will be no problem. The basic unit making up a meter is one millimeter. Since one millimeter is so small, we usually use one centimeter. No matter how large a measure may be, it must be accurately based on the smaller one millimeter unit. If all measures correspond and everything can be measured based on the standard millimeter, we can use it as a world standard. A millimeter in America, a millimeter in Korea, and a millimeter in Britain are all the same. They are unchanging. This is truth.
    What is truth? It is trueness. What is this quality of being true? That which stands in a place beyond which it cannot be elevated is called true. We have someone here with a doctorate in physics. Studying physics requires that you know all the movements of the natural world. These movements are not vague in their direction. Continue reading “History Is Seeking Out the True Person”

Go Forward With this Determined Fighting Spirit

Cheong Seong Gyeong 179

The religious world sees human
beings as fallen. Of course, there are
religions with different backgrounds,
but they are all looking for a new person
of value through whom to receive sal-
vation. What does this mean? It means
that since they have not attained true
original personhood, the true original
human image, they are always seek-
ing it. This is the same whether it is a
thousand years ago, hundreds of thou-
sands of years ago, or in the present day.
Even in the future, people are bound to
seek it in any environment or age where
humanity exists.
You, also, are looking for that true
person. You are looking for a true man
and a true woman. All men and women
who have lived in history are bound to
stake their lives on this and think about
it. This is why, when you live in a certain
village, you want to be the best true per-
son in that village. (177-99, 1988.5.17)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1066

No parents teach their own children
to do wrong. Nevertheless, it is possible
for a teacher to teach his students to do
wrong. If the teacher is in the position
of an enemy, he may teach them ruinous
things. There are two kinds of teachers
and two kinds of brothers. But there is
only one kind of parent. Even evil par-
ents teach their children to do good
things. (28-85, 1970.1.4)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 9, 1959

1 Corinthians 9: 14-27

Many sages of the past and the Savior we believe in were sent by God to pioneer the world of that time and the world of the future. For this reason, if anyone were to come before Jesus and protest about the things that Jesus wanted to share about the future, Jesus would be grateful. If someone were to highlight the providence of the future and ignore the things of the present, saying, “God! Shouldn’t you do this quickly? Shouldn’t you do this rather than doing that?” God would not be able to strike him. In fact, he would commend him instead.

All that we have to do is to go forward with this determined fighting spirit. If God were then to recognize you, what kind of award would you receive? When you become a winner of some competition even in this world, the sponsor will give you an appropriate award. What will God give as an award to those who win the final victory in the six-thousand-year long race? Ladies and gentlemen, when you win an award in a competition, don’t you feel good? But isn’t that joy only temporary? After some time passes, another person will win in the same race and win an award, separate from your own competition. However, in God’s races, there will not be a second person who scores the goal at the final finish line. There will be no one before and no one after. If it comes to an end, it comes to an end for eternity.

The joy of receiving an award in the final race will last beyond just today. It will be eternal. You may in fact see better things unfolding before you, but you will never fall lower. What glory will Heaven give to those winners? God will give them the glory of being God’s sons and daughters. He will bestow upon them all the authority of Heaven and earth. If there is a palace in Heaven, He will allow them to live in it as Heaven’s royal family. He will give them eternal and unlimited awards.

If there are such victorious sons and daughters, God will mobilize all of Heaven, which He has prepared for six thousand years, and hold a welcoming celebration. This celebration will not come to an end in one day. It will continue for eternity. That world is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. For this reason, you must become one of the racers, racing with this idea in mind.

The One True Person Unites all Individuals, Humanity and the World

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CSG 2384

Parents exist for their children. If
parents existed for their own sake, there
would not have been the word parents.
In the future, a view of ethics should be
formed centering on the Principle of the
Unification Church. Parents should live
for the sake of their children. This is the
first and foremost rule of ethics. It is self-
explanatory. The position in which par-
ents sacrifice for the sake of their chil-
dren is not the place of misery, but the
place of happiness. (62-214, 1972.9.25)

CSG 870

In this world, your eyelids blink to
stop the dust in the air going into your
eyes. Is there dust in the spirit world or
not? If God had His eyes open in the
spirit world for thousands and tens of
thousands of years, would He feel good?
Since they blinked out of habit on the
earth, they will blink in the spirit world,
even though there is no dust. Why does
God blink? It is because He resembles
us. (197-15, 1990.1.7)

Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Evil has dominated the world until now with powers that have manifested themselves externally. However, just as there is a mind in a human being, so too there is a mind for the history of the world.

Although the direction of history might seem to be heading toward evil, this is not true. In the same way that human beings restrain their bodies centering on their minds and determine the direction that they will head in with resolution, history does not progress by itself either. You must understand that it has passed through a process in which God, who exists in the background, intervenes and dominates over certain times and periods. Continue reading “The One True Person Unites all Individuals, Humanity and the World”