Be a Substitute for Christ at His Second Coming

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1666

When you follow the path which
your original mind leads you along,
the universe will open up in unity with
you. You need such experiences. Once
you enter such a state, you will be able
to fully relate with your original minds.
You will be able to hold conversations
with your minds. As soon as you think
of doing something, the answer will
already be right in front of you. You are
advancing toward such a state. Wouldn’t
such people know the path they should
take? The way they should follow would
be definitely laid before them, and so all
the power in the universe would help
them to go that way. Once they face the
test of faith, having been led there by the
hand, everything will come to their sup-
port. Only after this, it would be possible
for them to perform great deeds. (120-313,

Psalm 103

For all who are mistreated,
    the Lord brings justice.

Let Us Become Survivors

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 29, 1958

Jesus cried out to God after fulfilling the qualification to become the substantial being who has gone through the ideology of creation by loving God and humankind more than any other person in history. There was an instant when God forgot the dignity and position of being the Creator and clung to Jesus. No one knows this. Furthermore, God confronted Jesus with a Shim Jung of wanting to raise him to a position even higher than Himself, the Creator. Nobody knows this either.

Jesus was rejected and driven out by the chosen people, but because he knew the Shim Jung of God, who had persevered for 4,000 years, he had to endure. In addition, Jesus knew that God had sacrificed everything in the 4,000 years of history to find one son. Therefore, Jesus realized that to find a bride, he also had to endure his hardships, no matter what kind of sacrifice and rejection came upon him. Therefore, he did not curse the people who confronted him as if he were their enemy.

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