God Seeks the Bridegroom and Bride

Cheong Seong Gyeong 2152

In fact, throughout my life I have
developed a movement for ‘One World
Under God’ transcending race, ideolo-
gy, and nationality in accordance with
His providence. This is a principle of
providential history and not a theory
that I specially devised. Being enlight-
ened regarding God’s will, in order for
me to not only teach His plan as a the-
ory but also to implement it, there is no
part of the five oceans and six continents
that my activities have not outwardly
Through the foundation of multifar-
ious missionary and business activities
in Alaska, Antarctica, the countries of
the former Soviet Union, the 33 nations
of Latin America, and throughout Asia
and Africa, we are making preparations
to solve problems that humanity will
face over the coming millennium, such
as environmental pollution and fam-
ine. In recent years, I have worked in the
Pantanal and Amazon regions of Brazil
to lay a substantial foundation to protect
the Earth’s environment. On the other
hand as regards the internal aspects, I
have worked through the International
Holy Blessings and the True Family Val-
ues Ministry. Some 430 million couples
around the world have participated in
these marriage blessings, adding further
impetus to the building of God’s long-
awaited kingdom on earth based on ide-
al families.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1063

Concerning the process of re-cre-
ation, to give and give again for the sake
of others is the same as God expending
Himself in the act of creation. To invest
oneself is the act of creating one’s second
self; it is the same as God investing Him-
self for the sake of Creation. The works
of re-creation follow the course of res-
toration through indemnity; indemnity
is carried out through the works of re-
creation. Therefore, re-creation can only
come about when you invest yourself.
For this reason, it is a reasonable con-
clusion to say that sacrifice is inevitable.
(82-240, 1976.1.31)

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

John 10:31-36

Where should this relationship be made? This relationship should not be made in the spirit world, but on the earth. That is why it is emphasized that Heaven is the groom and the earth is the bride. This is an undeniable connection. The Shim Jung by which humanity feels this never changes. No one can transcend this Shim Jung, regardless of whether he lived thousands of years ago or lives 10,000 years from now. The groom sets up one absolute standard. By establishing the bride’s name as a condition, he spreads the connection toward sons and daughters. He then regains the earth, subjects, the substance of children and parents. This is restoration.

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