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The second installment of the Richard Urban show on Vaccine Choice in West Virginia: Required Vaccines in West Virginia. This segment includes quotes from West Virginia Medical Officer Sherri Young and Lisa Costello from the WV pediatric association at the WV Senate Education Committee hearing.

Cheon Seoung Gyeong 2114

When you go to the spirit world how
grateful you will be that I offered to you
the qualification of becoming sons and
daughters of the owner of a free heaven
and earth without walls. If you have lis-
tened to me and lived in this way, since
the spirit world has no boundaries, wher-
ever you go in that vast and endless spir-
it world they will say, “We have helped
you. When you were in charge, we went
there during that time and helped you.”
Everybody will be your friend. They will
be your colleagues from that same time
period. As I have said, the spirit world
must be mobilized. Without its mobi-
lization, the Kingdom of Heaven can-
not be formed. It cannot be realized.
The Kingdom of Heaven was supposed
to start with true parents, and not with
fallen descendants. Just like when God
created Adam, He received the help of
the angelic world. In re-creation the
spirit world must all come down and
help the earth as well. They have to do
it. This is the principle, is it not? This is
the principle of resurrection, is it not? It
can be called truth only when the prin-
ciple of resurrection becomes a reality.
So how much will the spirit world like
me? (162-114, 1987.3.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 926

God cannot pass judgment on the
devil. In the book of Job, why did God
deal with Satan despite the fact that
Satan had followed God around and
tried to take control? God was com-
pelled to deal with him. Satan would
say, “Unless You digest me in Your love,
unless you set the original standard after
digesting me in love, you cannot control
me. Isn’t this Your Way? You are sup-
posed to dominate me after overcom-
ing the way of absolute love, beyond all
the complete ways of the principled love.
Since You haven’t reached that point,
You cannot dominate me. If You want
to dominate me, if You want to bring me
into submission, You have to do so based
on the standard that conforms to the
Way. I would submit to the individual
on the individual level, to the family on
the family level, to the tribe on the tribal
level, and to the people on the national
level. But this won’t happen unless You
set the standard, will it?” God could not
make a move and would be stuck. You
should know this. (188-228, 1989.2.26)

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

When one is trying to find his lost child, even if he is the prime minister of a state, his dignity is not in consideration. He will burst into tears, clasping his hands and body, ignoring his reputation and dignity, not caring even if he is a beggar. The fact that such a scene has never occurred between God and humanity from the time of creation is the sorrow of God, all things and humankind.

At the time of sacrifice, humanity ascended through sacrificial objects. At the time of the national providence, he ascended by following a leader. Following a leader was the sacrifice. Next he ascended by believing in Jesus. From now on, he must believe in the True Parents. In other words, he must become a true son or daughter of the True Father. Now you must struggle on your hands and knees to follow the path.

The ideal of the 6,000 years is now to bear its fruit on earth. When will the leader appear on earth who can cry with the earth, with the people and with Jesus? Humankind desires that the substantial being appear and join the history that was separated stage by stage. Humankind wishes that a substantial being appear who represents the ideal of the entire universe and touches the heart of the Father and the bride and groom. Humankind desires a leader to appear whose Shim Jung can connect to all people and arouse and preserve the heart that can cry with the earth. We should serve this one person in place of Heaven, Jesus, all people and the earth. Like him, we should become able to cry with and love the earth, people and God. Thus, God’s grieving Shim Jung should turn into a joyful one.

In this way, you should receive approval from the Trinity, from all the saints, and even from satanic people, as well as from the Father. By zealously fighting to resolve God’s grief, representing the historical Shim Jung as a child long sought with sighs for 6,000 years, you must be established as the son who took revenge upon Satan and be confirmed as God’s beloved child. Only then can you receive the seal.

Christians talk about the 144,000. Words are easy. The heavenly children who set up the conditions for restoration and manage the heavenly providence and receive the seals, do Christians quite fit these words? The one who can receive the heavenly seals must have the Shim Jung to cry with the earth for Heaven. In other words, to receive the seals, you should be able to cry with the people, endure suffering and mistreatment for the sake of Heaven, heal the historical sorrow of God and all the inequities of man, and overcome all trials.

From where should we receive the seals? We receive the seals from God. We should receive it from God’s Shim Jung, from God’s situation, from my family and from society. We should clearly know that we can receive the seals only when we find the unifying point of God’s historical Shim Jung.

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