Heavenly Laws are Already Set

Cheon Seong Gyeong 629

Love determines the overall order
and each person’s position. So you can-
not enter the heavenly kingdom without
becoming God’s sons and daughters.
In order to connect with God’s love,
you have to get onto the vertical line.
What does the scripture about loving
the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all
your mind mean? The center of every-
thing is love. So, when you do nothing
but concentrate all your functions and
consciousness on loving the Lord your
God, you will go straight up to the verti-
cal realm taking the elevator. It is a won-
drous world. (208-141, 1990.11.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 425

The answer to the questions, “Why
does God need human beings?” and
“Why does He need human beings in
realizing His ideal?” is: God needs human
beings to perfect His love. What is God’s
love? We can say that God’s love involves
human beings liking each other eternal-
ly, but more importantly, it involves God
liking human beings eternally. In this
way, human beings are God’s eternal
objects of love. From the day God cre-
ated Adam and Eve, God desired to love
Adam and Eve as the object partners
whom He would look at over and over
again, and would wish to look at forev-
er, to be with over and over again, and
to live with over and over again. Hav-
ing such object partners is God’s ideal
of creation. (Blessed Family – 302)

Cheon Seong Gyeong  1444-1445

2.3. Formation of the tribes and
genealogy of the heavenly nation
Once we have restored the nation, all
of you must be registered. Do you know
what the registration is? It is the drawing
up of the tribal register. In the future,
when being registered into the nation
centering on the Unification Church,
the tribal register must be drawn up. In
drawing up the genealogy, everything
you own must be returned to God. Be
they many or few, everything from your
life, everything that represents the life
you have led, must be offered to the
Do you know why the tax rate is so
high these days? It is because they are
taking in everything. They are taking
as much as 98 %. The reason for this is
that the time is coming when you will
need to offer everything to God’s nation.
That is how the whole world is at pres-
ent. They are unwittingly following this
trend. Once this comes to pass, and the
world becomes one by inheriting the tra-
dition of receiving the Blessing, every-
thing in the world must be returned to
God. (101-289, 1978.11.7)
In the future, you will be registered
in the Kingdom of Heaven. Your names
must be entered into the family register.
God’s nation must emerge first before
you can do that. If there is no nation,
there is no place for you to be registered.
Therefore, you must understand how
important it is to establish God’s nation.
Only when we have restored a nation,
can God carry out His desires through
that nation, and can the foundation be
made upon which we can finally step
over the realm of persecution that is
the satanic world. Therefore, no matter
what you are engaged in, no matter what
you are doing, you must always have the
thoughts of the kingdom in your mind.
(54-228, 1972.3.24)
The family register must be changed.
It must be newly made. The family reg-
isters in the satanic world will all be
destroyed. They belong to the realm of
hell. That is why you need to be regis-
tered anew in the family register of the
Kingdom of God. You need to get a clear
understanding of this today, and from
this day forward gather yourself togeth-
er and work hard to spread this truth to
those around you. Whoever stands as
the central figure needs to give every-
thing and then forget about what was
offered. (251-273, 1993.10.31)
Registration takes place when a new
family register for the Kingdom of God
is drawn up. The era of registration will
come when the 160 families are unit-
ed into one throughout all of the 160
nations. It will be very similar to the
present, where you need to make a reg-
istration of birth when someone is born,
a registration of marriage when some-
one is married, and a registration of
death when someone has passed away.
With the establishment of the nation,
basic laws that can formulate and gov-
ern a system regarding such practices
as family registers must be enacted cen-
tering on the constitution. In order for
you to become eligible for registration
in that nation, the 160 families must be
completely united with you centered on
When registering, you will not be
accepted if you do not know the lan-
guage of the homeland. Unless your lan-
guage, culture, and living environment
show that you have completely inherited
True Parents’ realm of culture, you will
lose the right to enter the Kingdom of
Heaven. (276-216, 1996.2.24)
You need to comply with the laws of
the Kingdom of God and learn to respect
the laws of the palace of the Kingdom
of God. From now on, we need to make
preparations for the day when North
and South Korea are reunited. You still
have a lot of training to do. On that day,
not everyone will be granted entrance.
The era of registration will then have
arrived. When that day comes, gain-
ing entrance to God’s nation will be
much harder than graduating from col-
lege, achieving a doctorate and becom-
ing a professor. You will need to com-
pile the history of all members of your
tribe in your generation and have them
passed. Both the spiritual and physical
worlds will make an appraisal of them
and select those who attain the requisite
Bearing this in mind, would you
say you have passed or failed in follow-
ing the instructions of True Father for
the last 45 years? You will be judged by
how much you have done to come up to
the standard. This is not a threat. Watch
and wait. I issue instructions only after
I have put them into practice myself and
have accomplished them. They can all be
found in writing in the Kingdom of God
as the first article of directions, that is, in
legal terms. Questions and answers will
all come from them. (210-370, 1990.12.27)
Once heavenly laws are enacted and
made public as the constitution, if you
break one of them, you will be sent to
jail. Excuses like “I did not know about
it” will not be accepted. Women who
harbor such thoughts in their minds
should repent here and now. You must
never live in hiding. I am warning you;
women have more responsibilities than
men. Men tend to listen to women.
Do you understand what I am saying?
(250-344, 1993.10.15)
When the Japanese occupied Korea,
they forced the Korean people to change
their surnames through the name
change mandate. So, why should it be
hard for you to change your names now?
This all happened at the time of Japanese
occupation. Isn’t that true? I am the per-
son who has come to change your sur-
names. I have come to uproot your tribal
registers. Are you offended by it, or not?
I am saying that I will uproot the tribal
register of slaves and have your names
entered into the tribal registers of royal
princes and princesses. So who would
not like that? If you do not like it, you
can just leave. People like that will go
down. That is why you must certainly
like it. (39-111, 1971.1.10)

Richard:  The Heavenly law has already been set in the Cheon Il Guk Constitution.


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