Beware of Idols

Exodus 32

19 As Moses got closer to the camp, he saw the idol, and he also saw the people dancing around. This made him so angry that he threw down the stones and broke them to pieces at the foot of the mountain. 20 He melted the idol the people had made, and he ground it into powder. He scattered it in their water and made them drink it. 21 Moses asked Aaron, “What did these people do to harm you? Why did you make them sin in this terrible way?”

Richard:  Beware of the idols of money, power and social acceptance.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 834

If you watch TV for a month, you
come to know everything about how
people live in this world. Everything
becomes very predictable and you
become tired of it. This is why you have
to understand the spirit world. You must
know the spirit world.
When you offer your prayer with
sincerity, the image of the spirit world
will unfold. How wonderful that will be!
Angels will come down and dance. Even
those famous people from hundreds of
years ago will gather to dance. How
wonderful! These are not fanciful ideas.
(203-57, 1990.6.14)

Cheon Seong Gyeong  1442-1443

The perfection of self involves per-
fecting the absolute true love, absolute
true life, absolute true lineage, and abso-
lute true conscience. After achieving
this, one can then go on to restore the
family lost through the Fall and settle
down. Since True Parents have settled
down, you also need to follow in their
footsteps by becoming tribal messiahs,
connecting together 160 couples, and
taking possession of 160 nations.
By doing so, you will be able to travel
freely to and fro between the Kingdom
of God in heaven and on earth. This is
something you need to inherit at any
cost, and so it is unavoidable. Only by
accomplishing this task can you be reg-
istered, and only after being registered
can you possess the Kingdom of Heaven
on earth and in spirit world. Only after
being registered can you claim it to be
your nation and your kingdom. (268-88,
When registering, the order in which
you register determines who the ances-
tors are going to be. Yes, it is determined
by who is the first to become a tribal
messiah and be registered. Jesus tried to
register his 120 followers, but could not
accomplish this; in the era of the Sec-
ond Coming, you need to register based
on 160 or 180 couples. It came to be 160
couples because everyone wanted 160,
not 180. The number 6 is the number of
Satan, and so you need to perfect it in
the satanic world. The number 4 is the
ideal number. Therefore, four times the
number 4 symbolizes the whole. (253-83,
The issue at hand is how you can
accomplish 160 couples. That is the mis-
sion of the tribal messiah. In this man-
ner, by bringing together the 160 cou-
ples, centering on your family, you can
then connect to the 160 nations. That
is how you can perfect the family of
Adam which was lost. So, do you abso-
lutely need the 160 couples, or not? Why
do you need them? It is so that you can
inherit everything won by God and True
Parents. The word “inherit” signifies
having everything liberated and becom-
ing like God. Do you finally understand
how important tribal messiahs are?
Without them, you cannot follow True
Father. What that means is that you can-
not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That
also means that you cannot liberate the
satanic world. That is why you need to
fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs, no
matter what hardships come your way.
Only by fulfilling this mission can you
enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only
then can you be registered. Otherwise,
you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heav-
en. (268-85, 1995.3.5)
You need to restore 160 couples in
order to connect them to the world.
Jacob had 12 family members, Moses
had the 72 elders, Jesus had the 120 fol-
lowers, and the returning Lord has 160
head disciples. That means that they are
the head disciples. Jesus called his fol-
lowers his disciples. The words “head
disciple” are being used for the first time
by me. No one else knows about that.
Since Japan is the Eve nation, True
Father has taught it every secret he
knows. I have taught you things that
even Korean leaders have never heard
of before. So, if you do not fulfill your
responsibility, it will be on your heads.
If you fail to liberate 160 families, you
cannot inherit the victorious realms of
the first, second, and third Adam. If you
fulfill only the realm of the first Adam,
you cannot form a connection with the
second or third Adam. However, the
returning Lord has fulfilled the missions
of the first, second, and third Adam, and
will engraft you as long as you have laid
the foundation of formation, the realm
of the first Adam. (265-127, 1994.11.20)
In the past 40 years, True Father
has built mission departments in 160
nations amid persecution. Now, Blessed
Families, the members of the Unification
Church, need to become tribal messiahs
and bring together 160 couples. This con-
federation will be like a crystal. Though
Father was persecuted in his endeav-
ors, we have now entered an era where
the members of the Unification Church
can save their tribe, not under persecu-
tion, but in a welcoming situation. Those
who claim they cannot accomplish this
do not deserve to be our members. As
long as you have 160 couples who have
received the Blessing, you will obtain the
right to register in the nation of God. By
accomplishing this, you will safely arrive
in the blessed land of Canaan, and enter
the position in which you can serve your
nation. (252-288, 1994.1.1)
If the world had listened to the words
of True Father, a world of peace, the
Kingdom of Heaven, would have been
established on earth in 1952. Then, what
I am teaching you about now, namely,
the tribal messiahs, would have been
dispatched across the world. Since there
are 800 million Christians in the world,
800 million people would have stood
on True Father’s side, and tribal mes-
siahs would have emerged from towns
of every description, with three genera-
tions from each family all being tribal
messiahs. If this had taken place, the
satanic world would have completely
come to an end. Then a constitution,
which would dictate how the world of
the future should be governed would
have been enacted and followed. That is
why I have not yet taught you in detail
the direction you have to take with your
family. One thing you must remember is
that the era of the great exodus is com-
ing. The families who have followed the
words of True Father, and have become
tribal messiahs and blessed 160 families,
are eligible for registration. Father will
then decide the ancestors; who will be
the first generation, the second, third,
or fourth. Once the ancestors are estab-
lished, kingship will exist. Therefore, we
need to establish the family belonging to
the kingship. (273-46, 1995.10.21)
People without accomplishments
in love are of no use to God. Everyone
must have some accomplishment to his
or her name. That is why you can enter
the Kingdom of Heaven only when you
have your tribes of 36 couples, 72 cou-
ples and 120 couples. Without them you
cannot be registered. Isn’t that how the
Divine Principle works? Is it, or is it not?
The 36 Couples are proud of the fact that
they are one of the elders, but do you
think you have this position for noth-
ing? It is actually a very fearful position.
You do not know which of these couples
Satan will get hold of and attack. (303-166,

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