We Have Inherited the Lineage of Satan

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 595

When you go to that other world
someday, what will you say to God who
has been guiding the work of redemp-
tion and who took great pains to this day
to find one Adam? From the Genesis up
to the present day, God has been seek-
ing His perfect son Adam. You all know
the Principle. This is the weapon that
can save countless people. Until now,
God could not teach humankind and
consequently had to guide the work of
redemption amid ignorance. On earth,
we work on God’s behalf and are doing
greater things than He. The Principle
provides us with a path to enlighten and
assemble a following of hundreds and
thousands of Adams.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1020

The person who is in a public posi-
tion is pitiful. What if, even though he
does his best, he makes a mistake in fol-
lowing God’s will and a thousand years
of merit goes wrong? He lives with such
a serious heart. (46-55, 1971.7.18)

Cheon Seong Gyeong  1454-1455

Section 4. The Era of Registration
and Our Responsibilities
4.1. Registration comes from the
grace of the True Parents
People living in this present age have
inherited the lineage of Satan. For this
reason, they need to repent. It is a dis-
grace, for which they cannot show their
faces before the Great Owner of the uni-
verse. They are shameful children who
cannot call out to God, and instead need
to hide behind rocks lest He sees even
their backsides. They inherited the blood
of the enemy of love. They must crawl on
their stomachs, shed tears with runny
noses, and be able to admit, “I deserve
to be punished,” even at the risk of their
lives. They must find their true selves
and be able to give out a cry of gratitude
from the bottom of their hearts, even if
they face certain death. They are pite-
ous beings who are ignorant of the fact
that they have fallen into a pit of eter-
nal resentment where there is no love.
I came to realize that the fundamental
issues of human life cannot be resolved
without understanding the problems
manifested throughout history, the true
nature of the universe, and the grief
of God. You do not know what trials
I had to go through to find this path,
unknown by anyone. You cannot even
begin to fathom the hardships I went
through in my youth, groping blindly in
the dark in the quest for answers. How-
ever, I was triumphant in the end, built
up an organization that can accomplish
this task, not just in words but in deeds,
and now the worldwide foundation tes-
tifies to it. Now the era has arrived in
which anyone who comes running to
us, holds fast to the banner, and turns
around can enter the Kingdom of God.
(209-292, 1990.11.30)
Consider in your minds how much
you have dragged yourself around, giv-
ing forth a vile odor, defiling the Uni-
fication Church and making a stage for
Satan to perform on. After considering
all this, you could not dare to sit with
your chest puffed out before God and
True Father. Tell me yourselves; could
you do so? Those who grow up in the
natural realm of God’s love and lineage,
where they can liberate and inherit the
right of the eldest son and right of king-
ship, may be able to sit up straight in
front of God and myself, but can you
claim to be a person like that? You are
like weak hollowed-out logs, ready to fall
down at any moment, and yet it is peo-
ple like you who are boastfully strutting
around. You should realize this. (206-255,
What rights can you claim to have,
when all I see among you are good-for-
nothings? Can you claim to have the
right to receive the Blessing? You are sit-
ting there waiting to receive the Bless-
ing, but what have you accomplished
during the years you have been in the
Unification Church? The Blessing is not
something you can receive after doing
nothing but sitting and waiting. Ideally,
the Blessing can only be offered after the
ancestors have labored assiduously for
tens of thousands of years, and after the
descendants have come and expressed
their gratitude in solemn words millions
of times, and after everyone in heaven
and earth has gathered in reverence to
praise that day of glory. Indeed, does
this sound like something you can do?
(30-224, 1970.3.23)
Wait and see if the words of True
Father are true or false. If you want to
find out whether what I have said is true
or all lies, drop dead right here and now
and see for yourselves. You should real-
ize that everything I have taught you
is in accordance with the reality of the
next world, and follow these teachings.
In any event, this is a path you all need
to tread. Unless you follow the teachings
of True Father, you cannot cross over the
summit. There is no other guide.
That is why God is teaching, through
a person like me, the path which Christi-
anity and the free and democratic world
should take in this wretched world of
today. This is where the logic of True
Parents, both in name and reality, is
derived from. (209-227, 1990.11.29)
Are the words, “Take after True
Father,” a blessing or a curse? These
words imply that I will hand over to you
all the blessings which I have prepared.
After True Father has climbed over a big
hill, then based on his achievement you
should follow suit. You will also experi-
ence the same vertical relationship with
God. (199-188, 1990.2.16)
Every one of you should practice
absolute love and absolute obedience.
The families in the Garden of Eden have
nothing they can claim as their own.
When they become true sons and daugh-
ters, standing in oneness with God and
His absolute love and lineage, every-
thing in the whole universe will belong
to them. Once you have become one
in love, everything will become yours.
(300-303, 1999.4.11)
4.2. Establishing the tradition of
Blessed Families
This is the era of establishing the roy-
al family of the Kingdom of God. The day
is coming when all the good-for-noth-
ings will be pushed out as if with a bull-
dozer. Once you go out into the world
with the Principle and everything else I
have taught you, there will not be a sin-
gle person in Korea who can stand in the
way of the heavenly tradition, just as the
Unification Church itself cannot stand
in the way of those traditions. Such peo-
ple must be pulled out at the roots. You
should execute this without hesitation.
When it is necessary to take a strong
stand in establishing the traditions of
the heavenly kingdom, you should have
the guts to do so. Look at me. Look into
my eyes. See how I speak without hesita-
tion. I am a very assertive person. If you
do something wrong, you will not find
forgiveness in me. Taking into consider-
ation the fact that the day when we have
to establish this tradition worldwide is
rapidly approaching us, you should sol-
emnly repent for your past failures, and
correct yourselves, your work, and your
families. (184-243, 1989.1.1)
In the future, all of humankind will
need to register into the kingdom. On
registering with one of the twelve tribes,
your whole life, including everything
you did from the time you joined the
church until the present moment, needs
to be recorded. If you took so much as
a piece of cloth belonging to the church
for your own, that act should be record-
ed. If the record thus drawn up does not
correspond with the computer records
kept in the spirit world, you cannot
enter. All of you will need to write an
honest confession, a written statement.
The day is coming when you will have to
bring everything out into the open for it
to be cleared up for good. This is the rea-
son why you need to receive the Blessing
on three levels: firstly in the church, sec-
ondly after the unification of North and
South Korea, and thirdly after the unifi-
cation of the world. That is how it is.
We should all yearn for the era of a
unified North and South Korea to come
as quickly as possible. Only after you
have received the world level Blessing
will you be able to enter the Kingdom
of Heaven. Otherwise, when you pass on
to the spirit world, you will have to wait
there indefinitely. (212-59, 1991.1.1)

Richard: “When it is necessary to take a strong
stand in establishing the traditions of
the heavenly kingdom, you should have
the guts to do so.”  The upcoming Tree of Life Registration Blessing on February 28th is such a time:


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