The Homeland We Need to Reclaim is Not an Existing Nation

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Exodus 32

The Lord said to Moses:

Hurry back down! Those people you led out of Egypt are acting like fools. They have already stopped obeying me and have made themselves an idol in the shape of a young bull. They have bowed down to it, offered sacrifices, and said that it is the god who brought them out of Egypt. Moses, I have seen how stubborn these people are, 10 and I’m angry enough to destroy them, so don’t try to stop me. But I will make your descendants into a great nation.

1 Chronicles 21

21 Satan decided to cause trouble for Israel by making David think it was a good idea to find out how many people there were in Israel and Judah. David told Joab and the army commanders, “Count everyone in Israel, from the town of Beersheba in the south all the way north to Dan. Then I will know how many people can serve in my army.”

Joab answered, “Your Majesty, even if the Lord made your kingdom a hundred times larger, you would still rule everyone in it. Why do you need to know how many soldiers there are? Don’t you think that would make the whole nation angry?”

But David would not change his mind. And so Joab went everywhere in Israel and Judah and counted the people. He returned to Jerusalem and told David that the total number of men who could serve in the army was one million one hundred thousand in Israel and four hundred seventy thousand in Judah. Joab refused to include anyone from the tribes of Levi and Benjamin, because he still disagreed with David’s orders.

Cheon Seong Gyeong  1452-1453

Since True Father knows the heart
of God very deeply, just one word from
anyone will restart the flow of tears from
his eyes. The fact that God, who should
rule freely over the whole universe and
govern all the nations, had His ideal
trampled upon, the ideal of His being the
sovereign of all sovereigns and reigning
over all of humanity in the parent-child
relationship with the authority and pow-
er of the king of all ages is a truly mor-
tifying reality. At this time, the day of
glory on which we will rise up, defeat all
the evil powers of this world, and restore
the sovereignty longed for by God is now
right before our eyes. (164-216, 1987.5.16)
You must understand that the day of
hope, on which we can live in an indepen-
dent state centered on God, will be the
most precious time on earth which can-
not be exchanged for anything. Among
those who have passed on to the spirit
world, there is not one person who has
lived in the realm of a nation centered
on God. True Father knows this. Though
I have put the members of the Unifica-
tion Church through many hardships,
do you realize what a prestigious thing
it is to have the original human nature
and to live in dignity as citizens before
the sovereign, in the restored providen-
tial nation?
This is the standard according to
which True Father has lived his whole
life. Though I gave many people trou-
ble, I did so in my fight for the day of
glory, when we can put our whole heart
into dedicating everything in our life of
attendance to God, who is the sovereign
of the nation of which we are the citi-
zens. (164-216, 1987.5.16)
The homeland that we need to reclaim
is not an existing nation on earth with
its own history and traditions. It is com-
pletely different from those other nations
in essence. In order for us to be able to
inherit such a nation that stands on a
completely different level from others,
we need to become citizens with appro-
priate ideological proactivity. That pro-
active ideology should be in accord with
the ideology of the absolute Creator.
For a nation desired by the Absolute
Being to exist, you should yearn for that
nation to be one in which the citizens
would be united together centering on
the nation’s sovereignty. Therefore, the
nation should take form based on such a
standard of citizenship. Because you did
not qualify as the people who can main-
tain such a nation, that nation could not
be established. (49-93, 1971.10.9)

In this world that we live in, how
numerous are the homelands? Don’t the
Korean people call the Republic of Korea
their homeland? People in North Korea
claim that to be their homeland, center-
ing on Kim Il-sung. The Japanese people
call Japan their homeland, don’t they?
The Chinese people regard China as
their homeland. The innumerable races
in the world, which have their roots in a
certain nation or in a particular people,
and have spread out from there, claim
that nation or ancestral place to be their
homeland. However, originally there
should not have been hundreds and
thousands of homelands in the human
world. There is only one original home-
land. There should be only one home-
land. (241- 291, 1993.1.1)
Our homeland is just one nation.
Each one of us is trying to find our way
back to the one hometown located in
that one nation. At present, there is no
nation that can be said to be the home-
land in the name of God, where He can
dwell and reside with us in our home-
town. That hometown cannot be Mos-
cow or Washington. There is no such
place there. Therefore, what I am say-
ing is that we should seek for the trea-
sure, that is, establish our homeland and
hometown. (102-260, 1979.1.14)
Even when I was lying down, I always
had thoughts of God’s homeland in
mind. Since this house is not located in
the nation of God, I have no particular
affection for it. I am only attached to
this place, having children and leading
my life here, because I do not have any
other choice.
How much would God and the spirits
in the other world yearn for the unifica-
tion of the homeland! How much would
they yearn for it! Wouldn’t they hope in
their hearts, “Even though I am in hell,
even though I am at the lowest level of
the spirit world, I wish our homeland
will be established soon…”? Only when
the homeland is manifested on earth
would they receive liberation. Therefore,
if so, they should be granted an amnes-
ty. Such is the work I carried out dur-
ing my imprisonment. I had the gates
opened wide. I made a highway both in
the spiritual and physical worlds. I am
hoping and praying, “The whole spirit
world should face in the same direction
True Parents are going, and march for-
ward towards the one nation of God!”
The spirit world is praying for the
physical world, encouraging True Par-
ents in their work. You must know this.
Isn’t that what God desires? “True Par-
ents on earth, please fight well and be
victorious, and relieve the spirit world of
its grief and lamentation!” You should be
ashamed of the fact that you were neither
born nor raised in the nation of God, but
instead have lived to your current age in
the satanic world. (164-218, 1987.5.16)


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