The Coming Battle with Satan

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1972

The earth that we live on is divid-
ed into land and sea. Geographical-
ly speaking, peninsulas are situated
between these two, in a midway posi-
tion connecting the continents with the
sea. Since early times, peninsulas have
always been significant in the formation
of civilizations. Greece and Rome, where
ancient civilizations flourished, were
also located on peninsulas. The civiliza-
tions of Spain and Portugal developed
on the Iberian Peninsula. However,
today these civilizations must expand
to the world and bring forth a new civi-
lization in the east and west. The Kore-
an peninsula in Asia is the place for this
civilization to emerge. (115-171, 1981.11.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1641

How did the universe begin? From
God’s viewpoint, everything began from
the principle of living for the sake of oth-
ers, and fully investing, even consum-
ing, Himself. Then what was He seek-
ing to achieve by consuming Himself in
order to create His object? What results
from both subject and object partners
consuming themselves, each for the sake
of the other, is love. They do not mind
how much they consume themselves,
if they can possess love. Love is based
on such a concept, and that is why God
began His work of creation according-
ly. He did not end up losing anything.
Why would God have completely invest-
ed Himself if He knew it would result in
loss? Within love, there is an energy that
can more than fill everything; therefore,
although God consumed and invest-
ed Himself, He received love in return.
True love is something that does not
diminish with investment, but instead
accumulates through it. If this was not
the case, and the principle maintained
that true love diminishes, God Himself
would have been consumed by investing
Himself. It was in fact quite the opposite,
for the reality is that the more true love
you put in, the more it increases. (237-124,

Who Will Become the Friend of Golgotha?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 19, 1958

Luke 12: 26-43

Historically, as evil grew strong, the good became weak. When evil was too strong for the good to guide it, history went on with evil conquering the good. Amid this, however, a small goodness sprouted forth, formed a greater goodness, and proceeded toward the purpose of goodness. You should know, then, that the historical course thus far has moved through the process by which goodness rises. Thus, history flows from the individual through the family, and with a social character. Through the form of the collective clan, the tribe, and the nation and country, it comes to the stage of the world. Furthermore, history will not stop at the visible world. It will extend toward the spirit world of the universe.

Human history has been going through the ages of goodness centered on the individual, the clan, the tribe, the nation, the country and the world. In this way, a small goodness in history has been developing into greater goodness. Thus, the individual battle turned into a family battle, the family battle turned into a clan battle, the clan battle turned into a social battle, the social battle turned into a national battle, the national battle turned into a worldwide battle. If the spirit world exists, there will be a battle between the spirit world and the earth. If God exists, only when the war between God and the countless evil spirits of the earth is over will the age of peace come to this universe. You should realize God’s situation, who is working through such a process of the Principle. The age of cosmic peace will come only when God resolves all the problems after a clash with Satan and the evil hordes on the earth.

Now that the battle is growing from the individual to the clan, the tribe, the country and the world, what will happen to the world from now on? If there are a spirit world and Heaven, we must fight against the spirit world. How can you avoid the fear that creeps into your mind in the last days? There will come an age where you will feel greater fear than that of the atomic bomb. That is, not only the external terror of the atomic age will attack you, but a wave of dread will come in your mind. Thus, people these days have much fear. Mental patients are growing in number. This is because they are faced with spiritual combat with Satan. We should finish this fight, become one with God, and take responsibility for the Father’s war, sorrow and pain. The day on which to assign the responsibility for the Father’s pain, sorrow and mistreatment is the day of the returning of Jesus and the day of the great judgment upon man. This is the way of God’s providence.

After this historical process, what will happen then? Now the age of the national struggle is passed. It is the time when democracy and communism are waging a worldwide struggle. They will eventually become one. Why, then, has Christian history gone through this process? The form of the right-hand and left-hand thieves at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion is making a worldwide appearance today. The right-hand thief appeared in the form of worldwide democracy representing God, and the left-hand thief appeared in the worldwide form opposing God, centered on man and material. What will appear next? The crisis of resurrection with the death of Jesus will come. That is, the left-hand thief started as an individual, and this led to a family and a clan. It formed a tribe, a people, a country and a world. On the other hand, the right- hand thief also formed a world. The result of Jesus’ being sown as a seed in the ground has come down to this in the last days.

Now what we should be worried about is in what position democracy stands. You should understand Jesus’ Shim Jung at the time of death so that you will find yourself and rejoice upon the arrival of the kingdom of God. We should know what the conclusion of this democracy will be, since it does not possess God’s ideal, which can represent Jesus’ Shim Jung. Today, those of us on the side of democracy should at least become like the right-hand thief, who could cry for the death of Jesus while taking his own death as a matter of course. Now is the time you should become like this.


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