A Great Tribulation Will Come in the Last Days

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1868

Ilheung Marine Industries is in
Korea. I educated about 110,000 Japa-
nese and Korean women and had them
do a Sisterhood Bridge Ceremony. Now
our people and needed personnel are
even in the low-echelon departments.
That is why I appointed five vice-presi-
dents – a representative from Gyeong-
sang Province, a representative from
Jeolla Province, a representative from
Chungcheong Province, a representa-
tive from Seoul, and a representative
from Gyeonggi Province. They were all
women. I appointed two, but now I have
to appoint three more. (262-247, 1994.8.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1475

The Lord of Creation has placed every
part of His form in the face of human
beings. Hence, God’s characteristics
can all be found in the human face. The
eyes symbolize God. Thus, when a being
comes into existence, the first feature to
develop is the eyes. Since the center of
the universe is God, the eyes symbol-
ize Him. Therefore, you can tell just by
looking into the eyes of someone, indeed
anyone, whether that person is consci-
entious or not. (39-247, 1971.1.15)

God’s Possession and Our Possession

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
November 9, 1958

Matthew 6: 16-34

Consequently, a great tribulation will come in the last days. What does this mean? The one who is strongly minded to own things centered on himself, the one who works to ensure his own self-centered comfort, will receive a strike in the face. This is the great tribulation. Still, considering that the Father is trying to awaken human beings by allowing them to pass through such tribulations, we must return thanks to Him.

People who try to live and die for the sake of truth will become miserable. Therefore, we must understand that the group of people who are saved from the grave of death will become the central figures in the garden of rest. He who holds onto and lives according to the truth to which Jesus attested will become Jesus’ and God’s possession, even if he casts away the rest of the Bible.

A person who says he is in charge based on who he was in the past, or who complains that people do not recognize him even though he has done such and such, should pack his bag and leave. Such a group of people will eventually be cleared away.

Suppose you have a mind aglow with righteousness, eager to build the new garden of ideology. Your every movement should then be for the purpose of attaining the Will and authority of God’s ownership. Accordingly, you will now rise above yourselves and fight representing the world. Your hands, your footsteps and your bodies will have to move in that direction.

Today is the age of the macrocosm, in which we must fulfill the ideology of re-creation. To become brave hearts of Heaven and build a new garden of rest in such a time, we should first push out all the elements with which Satan can meddle. What is more, we should serve and minister to God and offer Him comfort after bringing everything over to the heavenly kingdom. To do that, you will have to have the Shim Jung to walk the difficult path more gallantly than Jesus, who walked for the sake of Heaven; more gallantly than anyone who walked for the sake of the Will during the last 6,000 years.

Before you own the world and ideal of God, you must own God’s pain and sorrow and the difficult situation He has endured. Such people will be able to take charge of hell, as well as the heavenly kingdom.

How could Jesus take charge of hell? If Jesus had assumed the responsibility for the Will of God only in its good aspect and died for the sake of God only in its good aspect, then he would have been able to manage the heavenly kingdom, but not hell. Therefore, because Jesus established the heavenly standard by keeping his integrity even in hell, he set the standard of being able to manage hell too.

Now you should tread over the tribulation of hell and stand up and equip yourselves to be able to win victory over Satan in high spirits. To do that, you must know how to give witness to the goodness of God, how to be concerned about the righteousness of God and how to manifest the comprehensive Will of God, all in high spirits.

Only when that happens can we receive Heaven’s blessing for the first time. When that time arrives, we Christians can step forth before Heaven. For that reason, we must run to the stage of the final judgment, the point of the final decision. Accordingly, you must now run toward that place as an individual, as a people and as a world. Yet to go over it, all individuals and the world beyond the individual will face a strike in the face.

You must realize that the throng of people who go over this, feeling thankful to become a new heavenly people and establish a new family, a new society and a new nation, will build the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, he who feels concern and cries for himself will become a pitiful person. That is why we Unification Church members are induced to fast on occasion. What is it for? It is to have you leave the position of self-centered striving. That is why you are made to fast and endure ordeals. If you avoid such suffering, you will get a strike in the face. You must go over it, saying, “Thank you.”

God has endured with patience for 6,000 years to raise Satan to the standard where he too does God’s work. The day when you subjugate all human beings who acted in evil-centered ways into going the way of goodness is the day of the great judgment. He who can boast of himself in the presence of God will rise above the great judgment and be owned by God.


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