Find the Original I

Exodus 1

11 The Egyptians put slave bosses in charge of the people of Israel and tried to wear them down with hard work. Those bosses forced them to build the cities of Pithom and Rameses,[b] where the king[c] could store his supplies. 12 But even though the Israelites were mistreated, their families grew larger, and they took over more land. Because of this, the Egyptians hated them worse than before 13 and made them work so hard 14 that their lives were miserable. The Egyptians were cruel to the people of Israel and forced them to make bricks and to mix mortar and to work in the fields.

Richard:  Although we may not exactly have slave bosses, we do have draconian government mandates.  Here is West Virginia you cannot send your children to public shcool without subjecting them to the injection of 14 harmful vaccines.

Ezekiel 15

Some time later, the Lord said:

Ezekiel, son of man, what happens to the wood of a grapevine after the grapes have been picked? It isn’t like other trees in the forest, because the wood of a grapevine can’t be used to make anything, not even a small peg to hang things on. It can only be used as firewood. But after its ends are burnt and its middle is charred, it can’t be used for anything. The wood is useless before it is burned, and afterwards, it is completely worthless.

I, the Lord God, promise that just as the wood of a grapevine is burned as firewood, I will punish the people of Jerusalem with fire. Some of them have escaped one destruction, but soon they will be completely burned. And when that happens, you, Ezekiel, will know that I am the LordI will make their country an empty wasteland, because they have not been loyal to me. I, the Lord God, have spoken.

Richard:  Stacey got this exact same Rhema two days ago.  I seems that God is definitely doing a new thing now;  unrighteousness must be burned away.

Let Us Seek and Establish the Blessed Land God Wants to Administer

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 14, 1958

Genesis 1:24-28

The word of the text we just read is the word of blessing God bestowed after He created Adam and Eve. It is the word of blessing of God after creating a man and a woman in His image, telling them to multiply and have dominion over all of creation, as well as the earth.

The title of the sermon I would like to share with you today is “Let Us Seek and Establish the Blessed Land God Wants to Administer.” I will speak upon this topic.

God created the world of creation centered on a lofty ideology we human beings have yet to comprehend. God created the world of creation thus to live together with human beings in the realm of eternal love.

However, human beings could not become united with the Will of the Father; that is, the Will of the Creator God. For that reason, the ideology God wished to manifest before human beings has remained unfulfilled; His administration has remained incomplete as well. In the meantime, the sad condition called “restoration” or “salvation” came to stand between God and human beings. We understand very well, from the Principle, that God has been relating with human beings under such conditions.

If this is the case, the fallen “I” of today should go back to the original “I” before the fall. This is the unavoidable duty of human beings and the inevitable responsibility God must carry out. For that reason, God has struggled until now to seek human beings on this earth. This is also why human beings have striven to seek God.

It is our life of faith to go forth seeking the footprints of God, who likewise comes seeking us. You should not forget that God and the prophets and sages, as well as our ancestors, have walked a course of laborious effort, a sorrowful, bloody course, to restore us.

What then is the terminus both we and Heaven seek? It is “I.” Accordingly, we should become the “I” whom Heaven can recognize, the “I” who can represent history. Now, in this providential final age, such a person inevitably must appear. Should such a person not appear, you must understand that the providential course God has walked for 6,000 years, as well as the religious course of humankind’s striving in search of the Will, will result in failure.

What kind of “I” does Heaven and humankind need? It is the “I” who has the Shim Jung, the situation and hope to equip himself with the ideology of creation which God could not manifest. It is the `”I” who can sing for all creation after equipping himself with the heavenly Shim Jung that has thus far been incomprehensible to humankind. It is the “I” who has equipped himself with the heavenly value and glory of one who can dominate the universe. You must become such a one.

Human beings today must find such a person and form a connection with him. If they do not form such a connection, they cannot be saved; nor can God’s providence of salvation be accomplished; nor can the goal of history meet any standard of completion. That is why, until today, human beings have been aiming for that ideological target.

We know that human beings are fallen. What is the fall? We can consider the fall to be that human beings lost the position of being a master. In other words, they lost the position to step proudly forth as dominators of the whole universe. Originally, God created human beings to raise them up as His embodiments, such original beings as to make all things in the universe follow the dictates of their commands. However, because human beings fell, unable to fulfill this original Will, we are as we are today. You must understand that it is the course of restorational history to wander about searching for the original “I” to restore this.

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