God Will Bring Humanity into Unity through a Religious Ideology

Exodus 32

19 As Moses got closer to the camp, he saw the idol, and he also saw the people dancing around. This made him so angry that he threw down the stones and broke them to pieces at the foot of the mountain. 20 He melted the idol the people had made, and he ground it into powder. He scattered it in their water and made them drink it. 21 Moses asked Aaron, “What did these people do to harm you? Why did you make them sin in this terrible way?”

Job  16

If I were in your place,
it would be easy to criticize
    or to give advice.
But I would offer hope
    and comfort instead.

Let Us Seek and Establish the Blessed Land God Wants to Administer

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 14, 1958

Genesis 1:24-28

If we look at a human being, we see that he has not yet been able to restore his body. The history of struggle to restore the body was the history of struggle before World War II. Before World War II, the history of struggle centered upon material/that is, it was concerned with economy. Until World War II, the sovereignty of whole states and the whole world were affected by materials and economics. Only after this age passed, after World War II, did the age of thought come. This was the natural flow of historical development. Now the age of doctrine and thought centered on the spirit has arrived. What kind of thought will reap a victory? It will be the thought system that controls materials. As the mind must control the body, so the thought and doctrine have to control material things. All the sovereign states of the world today are established on an economic foundation. Yet, if an ideology is to achieve worldwide stature, it must transcend materialism.

Various nations of the democratic and communist camps are in a face- off. Which camp is going to win? What will determine that victory? This hinges upon which camp first shares its materials with smaller and weaker nations. This is how victory or defeat will be decided.

Although the democratic camp should support smaller and weaker nations economically, there has not been any noticeable result regarding this. Exploiting this weakness, the Soviet Union has been on the offensive. While she supports nations like Egypt economically, the Soviet Union is launching military maneuvers to take advantage of the weaknesses of the democratic camp. Yet the democratic camp is not aware of this.

In order for a doctrine or thought to spread through the entire world, it must be able to control material. What is more, such a thought system must be able to sacrifice everything to spread throughout the world. There is no other way.

What is the last path human beings must seek? They must continue with the world of the conscience in mind. To do that, something must emerge that can make human beings go beyond the age of doctrine and thought and go on to the age of conscience, ultimately with a view toward the world of eternal life, the ideal world, which is filled with the love of God. Human beings today have not been able to perceive this.

If God exists, for what has He been aiming and proceeding toward, having mapped out a plan of action? God has continued with the age of the conscience, preceded by the age of thought, in mind. God’s operation and plan will go into action then.

Now we have the Arab bloc, which is equipped with a form of religion, confronting the two great camps of democracy and communism. What does this signify? They have formed a bloc with a religious ideology, an Islamic civilization modeled after the ancient Saracen empire, God’s providential purpose of bringing humanity into unity through a religious ideology is thus revealed. In the end of this restorational providence, this sort of operation will inevitably take place.

If the communist camp breaks down after having fought with the democratic camp, what is going to happen? There are more prospects for the various nations in the communist camp to be absorbed into the Arab bloc, rather than the democratic camp. We must realize this.

A united world centered upon one purpose and ideology must be built upon this earth today. What, then, must happen in the democratic camp? A religion equipped with an ideology centered on God’s Shim Jung, a religion of love for human beings, who are God’s embodiments, must emerge. This religion must represent all doctrines and assertions. Human beings today are not aware of the fact that the last days are approaching, when such a religion will come forth. When will a religion appear with a Unificationist ideology that will enable the democratic world to embrace the Islamic camp?

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