The Three Wise Men Should Have Followed Jesus

Cheon Seong Gyeong 489

What kind of people are true wives
and true husbands? When people
mature, they have a family. Taking their
spouse as an eternal partner of love,
they should form a family of love where
their initial love grows as the days go
by. When that love at the family lev-
el expands to form a tribe, these tribal
members will be eternal embodiments
of love, which can expand love eternally.
Such a husband and wife will be a true
married couple and a true husband and
true wife. Also, such a husband and wife
will be able to participate in God’s love.
(Blessed Family – 880)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1190

If you are to be victorious, you must
go out into the world. You must go out
and restore the rights of the firstborn
son. The firstborn son must ultimately
attend the second son, who is the young-
er brother, as though he were an older
brother, and come to the point where he
can say, “I will receive all the blessings
through you.” In this way, the firstborn
son comes down to the position of the
second son, and the second son must
rise up to take the position of the first-
born son. So only after the first son says,
“You go up, instead of me,” and pushes
the second son forward, does it becomes
possible to move from the family level
rights of the first son to the tribal level
rights of the firstborn son, and so on. In
this way, you can go up stage by stage.
Only when the first son pushes you, can
you go up. You cannot go up as you are.
Because of this principle, you must ful-
fill the standard of restoring the rights
of the firstborn son in this way. Without
doing so, and this is the secret of history,
the dispensation of God cannot be suc-
cessful. That is why, in order to go the
way of a true religion, you must leave
your home. This is where the words,
“You must leave your country and your
home, renounce the world and become a
monk,” come from. (138-204, 1986.1.21)

Heaven’s Sorrowful Heart

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 1959

Matthew 1:18-2:12

Today is an important day, which could have been the day to which God was looking forward. I myself also looked forward to this day as I came forth unfolding the Will. You must remember that this hour, when we indemnify through the number four and at the same time through a new number three, is the time of a historical act of providence.

The title of today’s sermon is “Heaven’s Sorrowful Heart.” I would like to honor the memory of this day with words to this effect.

God created all of creation, in order to create one man. Looking at all creation from the first day to the fifth, God rejoiced in Himself with unlimited desire and hope.

God created our ancestors, Adam and Eve, as the central figures of all creation, the masters who would rule over all creation in God’s place. Bearing an immeasurably happy heart, He then blessed all for their sake. God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.” (Genesis 1:28) That He gave such words of blessing to us means that we were created to make God happy. God blessed us for such a purpose.

However, Adam and Eve could not realize that blessing from God. You must, therefore, look back again upon the fact that a sorrowful history has flowed forth without that blessing being realized.

Heaven was immeasurably glad while Adam was growing. Through Adam, all creation was returning happiness to God. Yet Adam, not comprehending the Will of the heavenly principles, could not uphold Heaven’s Will and Word. Therefore, he ended up being chained to the sorrowful restraint called “the fall.”

Because Adam and Eve fell, God, who set up the laws of heaven and earth, could not help putting them out of His bosom of love. Although all creation knew about God’s sorrowful heart, as did the good spirits of the angelic world, we, the descendants of fallen man, have not really known this until now. You may know this very well.

Today we have gathered to celebrate this day. We have gathered to celebrate Jesus’ birth. What kind of figure was Jesus? He was the existence Heaven sought and put up in place of the lost Adam. Therefore, in concurrence with the birth of Jesus, the people then should have felt and experienced the grief which penetrated to the depth of God’s heart and should have been able to cry in God’s place, holding onto the baby Jesus. They also should have been able to rejoice in God’s place, holding onto Jesus. There should have been many people like that. However, there was no one who took delight in holding the newborn Jesus and who also cried in God’s place.

Because God’s sorrow was caused by humans, God cannot dissolve it alone. Only through humans can the sorrow, which penetrated to the depth of God’s heart, be dissolved. You must know that because this sorrow was caused by humans, the sorrow festering in God cannot be dissolved unless humans can grieve in God’s place.

Joseph and Mary were able to cry in God’s place, looking at the baby Jesus lying in a manger. Yet they did not know that God’s internal heart was sorrowful. We must know that, even after seeing Jesus lying in a manger, Joseph and Mary did not know how to feel sincerely sad in Heaven’s place.

Various people, the three wise men from the East, a shepherd, Anna, and so forth, at least had the mind to witness and take delight in Jesus. However, no one knew the sadness that sank deeply into God’s mind.

What then must we do now? We have to feel and experience the sorrow of God, who lost Adam and Eve. At the same time, we must know how to take delight in the fact of Jesus’ birth. To dissolve the sorrowful Shim Jung which penetrated to the depth of God’s heart, we must restore, through indemnity, this world of sin and evil brought about by our human ancestors. To restore, by indemnity, a world which abounds with sin, we must have a sincere heart with which we can cry in God’s place, holding onto Jesus. If Mary and Joseph had been like this, they would have followed Jesus’ will. Similarly, if the three wise men from the East had been people of such a mind, they would have followed the will of Jesus.

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