What is Jesus’ Deepest Desire?

Numbers 16

12 Then Moses sent for Dathan and Abiram, but they sent back this message: “We won’t come! 13 It’s bad enough that you took us from our rich farmland in Egypt to let us die here in the desert. Now you also want to boss us around! 14 You keep promising us rich farmlands with fertile fields and vineyards—but where are they? Stop trying to trick these people. No, we won’t come to see you.”

Ezekiel 13

They do things I would never do. They lie to good people and encourage them to do wrong, and they convince the wicked to keep sinning and ruin their lives. 23 I will no longer let these women give false messages and use magic, and I will free my people from their control. Then they will know that I, the Lord, have done these things.

Richard:  This verse could well be about those who are following Hak Jan Han after the death of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in 2012.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 1959

Matthew 1:18-2:12

If all of creation and the billion believers in heaven were to appeal to us on the earth, what would they ask? They would ask us to fulfill Jesus’ wish. What was Jesus’ wish? It was that, after coming to the earth, he could have true parents, true brothers, true disciples, a true race, a true nation, and a true world. This was Jesus’ wish.

Since Jesus has been fighting until now, unable to rest, to become God’s true son or daughter today, each of us must be able to become Jesus’ parents, his true brothers, his true disciples, followers and representatives. We must become Jesus’ brave soldiers who realize a true world. Only when we become like this will Jesus’ wish be fulfilled for the first time.

Today we must become the throng of people who stand on the side of Jesus, embracing this kind of heart. Jesus came with this kind of heart. Therefore, we also must become the people who feel the joy of meeting by going back to look for Jesus at the time of his birth. With a mind filled with emotion, equipped with this kind of heart, we must know how to congratulate Jesus after meeting him. Only then can we become qualified to congratulate the Lord of the Second Coming in the future.

What does Heaven demand of us now? Heaven’s happiness and the fulfillment of Heaven’s wishes must be brought about by us. Each of us today is placed in this kind of important historical position. For that reason, our words must represent Jesus’ words; our activities must represent Jesus’ activities. In receiving persecution, you represent Jesus taking rejection. Therefore, even if you become lonely, without friends, you lose your brothers, your parents and your disciples, you must be able to feel and experience Jesus’ situation. Only when you stand in such a position, will you connect with the situation of Jesus at the foot of Mount Olives in ancient times. Only then will you connect with the heroic heart of Jesus who went up to the Garden of Gethsemane and prayed. What must we do today? We must seek out the true family Jesus sought. It was the wish of Jesus to have brothers who attended one set of parents, formed a tribe and then multiplied to form a state, a race, and a world.

We too have parents and children in our respective families today. Yet, by establishing a true order of love, we must create true brothers, true parents and relatives, a true religious order and a race. If you see Jesus born on this earth and have this kind of mind. Jesus will be happy, even if he lies in a manger. I ask you to celebrate this day today with this kind of heart.


Father, individuals have come down in history not knowing why You sent Jesus to the place of death. Please allow us to know, today, the sorrow of the Father who lost Adam and the grief that resulted from the loss of Jesus. We know that poor believers must come forth who believe in this pitiable Jesus. We know that religious people who understand the Lord’s Will have to come forth.

Please allow us to know that people who followed the providential path wandered about in search of the true path, striving in the face of death. Please allow us to know that they wandered about seeking true parents. By understanding that this became a matter of great regret, please allow us to examine closely whether we have true parents, true brothers and sisters, true disciples, true followers, a true race and a true world.

We cannot but feel that, even today, Heaven’s sorrow has penetrated to the depths of the earth and heaven, and all of humankind. We who are celebrating this day today have gathered to become true parents, true sons and daughters, filial sons and true loyal subjects.

Even though we are insufficient, please comfort Jesus who was sorrowful in the past through us. Please allow us to fulfill Your desire, constantly staying at the center of the Father’s heart. Entrusting You with everything, I pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

Richard:  And from yesterdays Rheama we understand that Jesus wanted more than anything to find a true bride, a physical bride, a person, not just “the church”.

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