Restore the Three and Twelve Disciples

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1826

Where will people go? They will go
to the mountains in search of nature.
Yet, it will become boring just living
in a mountain area. That is why people
will go to the sea. In the future, people
should go into the sea and eventually
live there. I have already asked various
scholars to carry out research on sub-
marines, and their work is almost done.
They say that if a submarine goes down
just thirty meters into the water, it will be
calm underneath, even if there is a storm
above. No matter how hard the wind
blows or how rough the waves are, there
is no disturbance thirty meters below
the water surface. There are no winds or
waves thirty meters below. That is why if
you press a button and go down thirty or
a hundred meters, you will immediately
be able to enjoy the scenery of the ocean
using a periscope. (236-309, 1992.11.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1794

Men and women are horizontal. They
are level. The union of man and wom-
an is to be engrafted, based on vertical,
lifelong and eternal love. As men rep-
resenting east and women representing
west have lost the central line, they will
seek to graft into this, so they must abso-
lutely get married. Aren’t there many in
America who oppose marriage? There
are many who, like homosexuals or les-
bians, dislike having children. Those
without children have lost out when they
pass on to the spirit world. This is the
formula of the universe. (163-88, 1987.4.19)

Richard:  It is essential to have children to fully experience God’s love

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 4, 1959

Genesis 1:27

Acts 1

What God is most worried about now is not that there are no True Parents representing Heaven, but that there are no true brothers and sisters. You should know this. Jesus, who had to take responsibility for such a providential Will, chose the three disciples and the twelve to place them in the position of true brothers and sisters. We should know the sad fact, however, that by the failure of the three and twelve disciples to unite, the way of restoring the Parents was destroyed.

We should know that only when we go through the position of true children and the gate of the True Parents can we receive heavenly love, which has remained as the hope of the 6,000 years of providence. This time will inevitably come. Hence, you should win in the Cain-Abel conflict within yourselves. Before God, we are the bride and Jesus is the groom. Jesus is the Abel and we are the Cain. We should be united with Jesus, the Abel.

What should we do to be united with Jesus? The bride cannot go by herself and receive the bridegroom, Jesus. She can meet him only when she is united with the brothers and sisters. Jesus comes with the name of the bridegroom. What shall be sought after going through the gate of the bridegroom? The lost family of Heaven will be sought. It must be found.

What shall we do first as we pioneer the path to victory and seek to receive God’s true love? In regard to the mind and body, we must subdue the sins of the mind and become able to completely and freely control the body in daily life, according to the mind’s direction. Taking the bridegroom, Jesus, as the Abel, my body in the position of the bride and Cain should become completely one with him. This is not the end of the matter. The problem is that after I become completely one with the bridegroom, Jesus, I must reach the people who represent the three disciples Jesus tried hard to find. I must also find people who will represent the twelve disciples.

Why did Jesus seek the three disciples? He had to stand in the position of true Adam by restoring three disciples representing the three sons of Adam’s family. Where did the nation of Israel begin? It began from Jacob. Only after the three people representing the three sons of Adam’s family were found at the time of Jacob was the victorious condition established. Furthermore, based on the three sons, the twelve disciples had to be united and establish a victorious foundation on the earth. Since the three and twelve disciples all betrayed him, however, Jesus could do nothing but die.

Thus, in order for us to stand in the position of Jesus’ bride today, we should fulfill the few conditions through which he tried to create an ideal family on the earth, but which he left unrealized owing to his death. Otherwise, we cannot meet the Lord as the bride.

The course of restoring the number three of Adam’s family in our church is the organization of trinities. Thus, if you cannot become one centering on the trinity, you cannot come before God.

By the unity of the trinity, we can fulfill God’s Will, which seeks to restore what was lost in Adam’s family. In the time of Jacob, 2,000 years later, the providential Will was carried on with twelve brothers. Likewise, only when the twelve disciples become one, based on the number three, can you serve the Parents and enter into the realm of the tribe where you represent one tribe. This was the absolute standard to indemnify the 2,000 years’ of history from Adam to Jacob. Therefore, Moses and Jesus also had to walk this path.

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