The Number One Qualification of Messiahship

Cheon Seong Gyeong 437

Parents need to get permission from
the grandfather before sending their
grandson anywhere. Parents cannot
simply do whatever they want. This is
because the grandfather stands in the
position of God. (107-326, 1980.6.8)

Richard:  The role of grandparents in raising grandchildren is very important.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1310

In this way, just as the Israelites were
liberated after 430 years and began their
exodus, the same took place with the
Unification Church members. That is
why people from Jeolla province moved
to Gangwon province, and people from
Gangwon moved to Jeolla, and thus a
great mobilization was begun through
which people from different provinces
were interchanged. (58-59, 1972.6.6)

Richard:  Our actions as Royal Families of True Love have substantial consequence for the nation.



July 28, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York

We are now having follow-up training for the Soviet students in seven different locations throughout the country. Over 2000 people have been attending these workshops. You applaud but your applause has no power because though one side is happy because Father has so much success, one side is ashamed thinking about the Church in the United States.

You have not been listening to Father too well and never really believed Father’s message, but what about today? Can you believe the things that Father is announcing to you? (Yes!) Those who say, “Though I may have doubted in the past, I repent and from this time forward pledge to believe you with no doubt whatsoever,” raise your hands! Now that I see you believe me, I have more power and fun to speak to you.

Belvedere seems to be a magic place. Everybody comes here and gets so energized and yells “Yes, yes!” to all I say. As soon as you get out of the Belvedere door, you begin to worry about your groceries, your trip to the drug store, and other things. By lunchtime, you have a thousand things to worry about. You wonder if you really saw Father and don’t remember what you heard. You become your old self. In the meantime, one year is passing, ten years are passing, and your life is passing away.

Is there any school that will allow you to stay for ten years or more just because you are a slow learner? There is no room to keep you there for so long, so they will kick you out. Do you understand? Your life and your fruit is not Father’s responsibility, it is not the Unification Church’s responsibility. You yourself are responsible for your eternal life and your heaven. In the Bible, Jesus was passing through Jerusalem and saw a fig tree growing by the side of the road. He was in a hurry and crossed to the tree wanting to pick some fruit, but there was none. Jesus accused that tree and immediately it died. So don’t die. You not only have your life, but you have to bear fruit. Ten years, twenty years of membership does not automatically bring you fruit. That is not the way that God works. You must have actual fruit.

For example, many United States citizens claim to be patriots. But it doesn’t make any difference unless they have some patriotic deeds to support that statement. This is true for saints as well. No matter how many good words you are speaking for the sake of humanity, unless you bear fruit you are not going to be regarded as a saint. Words pass away, but only fruit remains as real accomplishment. Reverend Moon is the same, no exception. If I just talked empty talk, it would not bring me any glory or accomplishment. Even I am worried about how much real accomplishment or fruit I am bearing throughout the world.

Great countries like the United States, Japan, the Soviet Union, the Republic of China, Germany, England and France are all fearful of me. Is it because I am some sort of criminal? No. What they fear is that I have made achievements they cannot even imagine, and in such a short time. So, when you stand on your accomplishments the entire heaven and earth shall surrender to you. Have you heard about the book, Inquisition? It tells what actually happened during Father’s trial, proclaiming the truth about how the United States government conspired to put Father into jail. Yet, while he was on trial Father created projects like the Washington Times and Insight magazine, The World and I, and so on, in order to save America. I never sought revenge. In 1975, the United States was defeated in Vietnam and plunged to the point of lowest morale in American history. Liberalism was rampant. It was only through Father’s support that the right wing could regain leadership of America. History will prove these things cannot be denied.

Though I supported the Reagan administration, the biggest irony is this: The Reagan administration is the very one which allowed the government to put me into jail. Under normal circumstances I should feel vindictive. Instead I created many projects to support the conservative cause. I do these unusual things because I am not working for myself, but for God.

I also knew that the Soviet Union had a plan to conquer the United States and the free world. I could not allow this to happen because it is not God’s Will, so I assembled every ounce of energy of our movement for this purpose.

Recently I spoke to the Washington Times staff: “I have invested millions of dollars in this newspaper. Many people think there must be some ulterior motive for this continuous investment even though there is never any profit. Do you know my hidden motivation? I have a divine calling from God.” I clearly stated: “I created the Washington Times for the sake of the collapse of communism. That mission is accomplished so now is the time to deal with the domestic moral agenda: the decline of Christianity and the rise of secular humanism, the drug culture, the breakdown of families and juvenile delinquency. All these problems are your problems, not my problems. I could wash my hands and walk away, but I stay. The reason is you don’t understand and even more you don’t have a solution. So I am going to stay here and fight that battle to clean up America and save this country.” They were very inspired to hear this.

Korean and Japanese people came to America only because Father wanted them to come. Were they welcomed by the United States and welcomed by the American members? Or did you say, “We don’t need them. We have a Christian heritage and Korea and Japan are not even Christian countries”? No matter how proud you are you don’t have the contents needed to move into the future world.

But I am different than you. I have a strong ideology. Once someone studies the Divine Principle they can turn completely around in only three days. Its power is much stronger than economic power. But you foolish people don’t know what a strong armament you have.

Do you think white people are the supreme people? A very famous white American journalist recently wrote an essay claiming that Asian people have a much superior quality compared to the white race. Koreans kept their traditions intact through 5000 years and 931 invasions. Wisdom, power and courage enabled the Korean people to maintain their Korean identity. Although Asian people’s skin is dark and their height is short, they have stronger human qualities within them. I know very well that within American society they are worried about Reverend Moon’s epidemic: “Don’t catch that one. Reverend Moon will persuade you and brainwash you” and on and on. But actually, what I am doing is trying to save this country, both white and black people. Even though you never say it, white people subconsciously look down on other races. But I want you to know, and only Reverend Moon can say something like this, you are being defeated right now by the Asian people, in every way. Asian people’s good characters are becoming more and more evident in American society. So you must wake up! God sent one savior, the True Parents, out of the Korean race. This is the most logical thing.

Korean people can quickly summarize the situation of the world, which country is going up or down, what people are good, what people are evil. God gave them special training for 5000 years. Out of that race came the True Parents. The religious world knows that there is no one like Reverend Moon, who within his own lifetime has prescribed the salvation for all of humanity, and is doing everything possible for humanity’s sake, giving every ounce of his energy, sweat and blood and his soul. Yet, in parts of the religious world we still hear: “Oh, Reverend Moon, don’t infiltrate Christianity!” and in the political and business world as well. People are very envious of Father’s success.

Everyone had thought that Father and the Unification Church could never survive through such persecution. And when I went to Danbury, many members cried at East Garden. But I never cried. I said, “Why cry? I am not looking at the front of Danbury prison, but at the other side of Danbury, at what kind of glorious and victorious history shall be made.” I kept working to make that prophesy come true and after Danbury it came true, didn’t it? Now my name is being resurrected. Father once said at Belvedere, “The day that Reverend Moon’s name is resurrected, this world will have salvation and true lasting peace.” That day has arrived, amen!

Furthermore, through uniting with me, you are also ascending into heaven, both here on earth and in your eternal life. Korea was the number one country against me. Because Korean people are smart, they know how to persecute well too. But presently the Korean people think there is only one person who can unite North and South Korea – Reverend Moon. They have said, “We have never seen a living saint since Taegun, Korea’s forefather, but we have seen one in Reverend Sun Myung Moon.”

Many established Christians still believe that the Lord of the Second Coming will appear on the clouds of heaven. But some feel, if he comes in person as did Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, there is no one but Rev. Moon who fits into that category. They reason, “Who else has the qualifications excepyt Rev. Moon.” I subjugated the Antichrist, the communist world, which is the number one qualification of messiahship.

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