You Should Not be Afraid of Receving Judgement

Judges 14

17 For the entire seven days of the party, she had been whining and trying to get the answer from him. But that seventh day she put so much pressure on Samson that he finally gave in and told her the answer. She went straight to the young men and told them.

Richard:  God appoints a man as the head of the household.  The wife is in charge of the children and has dominion over Satan, but not over her husband.

Psalm 55

Confuse my enemies, Lord!
    Upset their plans.
Cruelty and violence
    are all I see in the city,
10     and they are like guards
    on patrol day and night.
The city is full of trouble,
    evil, 11 and corruption.
    Troublemakers and liars
    freely roam the streets.

Richard:  Consider moving out of the city if you can.  Urban areas have much higher rates of crime and family breakdown.  If societal breakdown occurs, city areas can become unstable.

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

We have been living a comfortable life thus far. Although we have had a consciousness of existence, we have had no value. Unfeeling as worms, we walked a tragic route; yet, we are shamelessly proud. At least at this time, we should recognize that we are sinful. Those who do not know this deserve to receive heavenly punishment and be thrown into a pit of fire on the judgment day.

Realizing this, you should not be afraid of receiving judgment. You should know that Heaven has a more sorrowful situation. We should know that the footsteps of our ancestors were more rueful than ours, and that the true determined people of this age are in more pain and shedding more tears than we. We should, at least, become people who can understand this.

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