There are Two Blocks in the World

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1980

Now we have entered the stage where
I can recover the nation. That is why the
ruling party is not the owner and neither
is the opposition party. Surrounded by
four powerful nations, the Korean pen-
insula is being marginalized by these
four masters. The center of that nation
is the Unification Church. Wasn’t I the
first to call for the reunification of North
and South Korea? We are calling for the
reunification of North and South Korea.
We are calling for the creation of a uni-
fied government between North and
South Korea. Considering this, one needs
the ability to absorb these four power-
ful nations if one is to bring about the
reunification of North and South Korea.
So far, I have been doing such work in
America and Japan, as well as Commu-
nist China and the Soviet Union. We
are now entering the age where they can
become one by my lifting the weight that
had been fastened to the ground. (178-231,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1250

The love between a husband and wife
is engrafted to the vertical love of God.
Once you become one with that vertical
love, there is no one on earth who can
detach it. The engrafted love is bound so
strongly to the love of God that no one
can ever separate it. That is why even
though everyone complains about their
lives and how difficult it is to go on liv-
ing, they still continue to seek the path
of love. (180-309, 1988.10.5)

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

At your age you are full of hope for your success. On the other hand you are serious about a career and meditating about your future. The success or failure of your whole life is determined while you are in your teens, more specifically, between the ages of 18-27. Between the ages of 18-24 it is crucially important for young people to decide where they will go in life. That age period is the most important in a person’s whole life. In that age most people graduate from college. Even if misled by parents in what to specialize in university one must shift right away in the right direction.

 Those in the Unification movement are serious thinkers. They think about what is life, what is their country’s mission, and is physical life on earth final or does it extend to life in spiritual world? One may have to wonder if religion is necessary for men. Those who believe in an eternal life in spiritual world have more zeal in physical life. A clear concept of spirit makes for a stronger life on earth.

In general people think and live by animal instinct. I have gone through agony and much prayer to solve problems of life from this point of view. I ask if there is a God at all how evil lives flourish while good people are trodden upon.  Some say there is no God. But deeply look at the wonder of life. One cannot deny God. Think about nature, God and man and how God leads man with humanity. One must live a religious life which includes denial asceticism.  Why?   Because evil and righteousness are going in opposing directions. How much difference? In religious life one must turn about to go the other way so one has to go 360 degrees different from the way one used to travel.  Starting from the individual base one needs to make a full circle the other way. This is done from the individual to the nation and world levels. Evil and righteous sides make circles for each. You learn two kinds of circular motion – righteous side and evil side. The conclusion is a righteous and evil entity.

World-2 blocks 1 block-Satan

Other Block- good, or God

Roughly- 2 blocks of ideology

One is democratic and the other is communist.  There are two large forces, one under God and one under Satan. In the atheistic communist world there is no religion. In the democratic world we have religion. Religion is mind. Democratic world plays a role of body, promoting sound minds and bodies. Mind and body must have right relations to make a healthy world with the strongest and most valuable religion which can influence the whole Democratic world to lead people back to God’s bosom.

On the individual level if the right mind is built or one has a good personal body which can obey the mind, the whole entity is sound. Likewise if a strong religion is playing the mind role in a Democracy, it will not collapse. Now the democratic world is on the verge of collapse. No strong religion is why. If in the democratic world the religious role is weak it can collapse and all will be nullified. If we find no such dynamic religion the democratic world will remain on the verge of collapse.

The United States, the leading nation in the world, is on the verge of corruption and decline. This is not a decline of political, economic or military force, which can undermine a nation. If a nation is not armed with a strong ideology it will decline. This applies to any level of things, from individual families to the nation, to the world. If a world does not have that mind, individuals are doomed to decline.

On the other hand in the communist world the people have spirit and an ideology. They are very strong on that. Their ideology is based on materialism and animal instinct. They want to get a hold of the hegemony of all humanity. They will fight until they win with all communist blocks. In the communist block they fight against the democratic world as one. The democratic world is very weak. Countries want to go on our own against the outside world. They stand weaker and weaker. It is hoped that individual families would not waiver.

Richard:  I attended this speech.  I was 19 years old at the time.  This speech has never been published, and to my knowledge is not recorded.  This transcription is from my notes.  Stacey Urban transcribed this speech.


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