Man Has a Sacred Source

Numbers 4

The Kohathites will be responsible for carrying the sacred objects used in worship at the sacred tent. When the Israelites are ready to move their camp, Aaron and his sons will enter the tent and take down the curtain that separates the sacred chest from the rest of the tent. They will cover the chest with this curtain, and then with a piece of fine leather, and cover it all with a solid blue cloth. After this they will put the carrying poles in place.

Richard:  How the sacred objects were handled was very important to God.  Wrong handling would lead to death.  In the modern day, the sacred objects are the sexual organs, the penis and vagina.  God wants those to be handled only by the wife and husband, respectively.  Wrong handling could lead literally to death or to spiritual destruction.

Isaiah 35

Here is a message for all
who are weak,
    and worried:
“Cheer up! Don’t be afraid.
Your God is coming
    to punish your enemies.
God will take revenge on them
    and rescue you.

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

Many things are wrong with communism. Young people are preoccupied. Communism is overwhelming, wanting to make the world into oneness. This is better than the democratic world on a certain level. The most important thing is that communism denies the existence of God. If you meditate on your own being and where you come from you can conclude that even animals have an original source.

If you define life as an animal it ends with the death of the animal.  You don’t know for sure what happens. In the communist world if one does not obey a command they can be annihilated or killed. Communism is a man-fabricated ideal.

Man has sacred source for God. If one obeys sacred life, one is a possession [of God]. If one obeys [as an]animal, one has no way to belong. In that way one belongs to a small man-made category and shuts self up. In a democracy humanity is valued above ideology. Jesus teaches us that your life is more than the whole world. In communism your life is for the world, nothing more.

Our ideology under democracy must excel communist ideology. It cannot be trodden down by communism.  Our thought must be on a higher dimension and transcend national bounds. This is a war not between nations but between good-loving and evil-loving ideals. If God is at all on the side of Democracy, He is anxious to have His party win. He will do that. God is in need of a dynamic religion as a core of the Democratic world. This core should influence and nurture the thought of the Democratic world to win the battle over communism. Can the existing churches do this? No. Where is that religion? Here?  What about others? Not sure? Do you want to have such a religion? Even if there is such a religion if the democratic people do not accept they will be faced with much difficulty.

 Religion must be very strong. Follow? In what way strong? It must have a strong ideology and a strong external base. If the mind is strong and the body is strong the external power will come. Those in the Unification movement must be made into leaders. Do you want to be? Raise others? Yes. Are you exhausted because you are on a fundraising team? Hold up your hand. (Laughter). How can I rely on you when you are so weak?

To come back to the mainstream, we must have a core religion in the democratic world. So we need a strong mind and a strong body. If the democratic world obeys mind then the whole thing is strong. On the individual level if one’s mind and body are strong, then one won’t be frustrated.  

Is America on the side of God now? It is going in the opposite direction.   Have you seen the negative parents on NBC? Are you confident or will you be overwhelmed? No. If I face an opposing power I feel challenged. We should test ourselves. In a way our movement is propagated. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know our movement now.  As you read articles, more will be negative and dark or bright. Unless something is negative no one pays attention. We may use a large sum of money. No! It wouldn’t propagate so quickly. So in a way it’s good. Articles are so negative it seems that Father is a one-eyed monster with a crooked nose. If people finally find He is a sane man what will happen if they are sure the negative articles are wrong?  Take comfort. Sooner or later people will find the truth. The articles tell of a one-eyed man but people will meet a normal man. People will take all the rest contrarily.

Before joining the movement you hear that Father exploits and drives members as slaves. After you join you find that there is no such thing but that we are encouraged to work harder. Many people think Rev. Moon is more fierce than a lion. Don’t worry about negative articles. Unless it is true, just welcome negative news. A day will come day when people take it contrarily.

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