I Am not Scared of Negative Voices

Defining the Battle:  Sex Wars in Washington DC Part Two:  https://youtu.be/whI1orAj3t0

Cheon Seong Gyeong 432

Section 1. God’s Laws of Love
Centering on the Family
Since the beginning of history, who
has practiced true love focused on par-
ents, true love focused on husband and
wife, and true love focused on brothers
and sisters? True love is absolute. (20-40,
The love of God is expressed as paren-
tal love, conjugal love and children’s love.
These three great loves make it possible
for human beings to exist forever. These
great loves transcend even the loftiest
human view of love. When these loves
are perfected, happiness is perfected.
When they are lacking, misfortune sets
in. This is why people become happy
when these three great loves unite. Is a
motherless person happy? That person’s
misery is equal to the emptiness he or
she feels. Is a fatherless person happy? A
fatherless person envies those who have
a father. Happiness leaves no room for
envy. The same is true for love. If you
envy someone or something, you can-
not say you are happy.
You cannot be happy without a father
and mother. No matter how great a man’s
ideals may be or how much he boasts, he
needs a woman. He needs a wife. When
a husband and wife have lived happily
together and then the husband suddenly
passes away, the wife will shed tears. A
woman cannot live without a man, and a
man cannot live without a woman. (20-38,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1795

Immorality, sexual misconduct and
decadent trends, along with hedonism,
are systematically ruining families. It
has come to the point where some people
of today think that gay people can also
build a different type of family alongside
the traditional family, and that they can
have children through adoption or arti-
ficial insemination. (288-171, 1997.11.27)

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

From now on anything I do is up. Father is so famous in that way. Many ups compete to follow us. People have to look into our movement and find nothing but good. An example is the Unified Science Conference. They thought about negative articles and declined invitations.  But if they came – many bright minds did, including 30 Nobel laureates – they cannot attack.

Negative power is working so hard it is better to contact people by letter. There will be weak declines but it allows for sorting out the strongest responses. The strongest will be so impressed with clean cut young people and deeply touched. They will then say that they have seen Rev. Moon and his young followers and tell other people they are not qualified to talk and that they should move on over to our side. It is funny and interesting. People fist look with skeptical eyes and find the controversy of negative articles

We will make a duplicate of the movie of the conference and send it out to the nation. Participants will show it to famous scholars and next time more famous people will participate.

Now we are being beaten by writings. There are many negative voices. If it turns and people believe the opposite of the negativity in the articles, however many negative writings appear no one will believe. By that time if we really get people and brainwash them nobody would believe it.

God’s strategy is to use Satan to do all evil possible then propagate righteous people and win the whole world at an instance. Evil world will exaggerate to make it sound like the Godly world has done 2 things and is humble when it has done 8-10 things. Called names and reviled and in the face of such opposition, people are silent. Yet they are almost angry.

Male telephone calls and write letters voicing anger at silence and give your money to fight. I am lawyer. I will live a little longer. The whole population is divided in two. What percentage is on our side and on the other? Which is more?  People are voicing on the negative side. Host the weaker people on the negative side. Let some oppose. Some are curious or skeptical.  People come see the Yankees. My strategy is to keep silent and let them fight. When they come after that I will not keep silent.

  I am not scared of negative voices. I keep hearing of negative articles in all magazines and newspapers but I am not stirred. I will wait until a small child in a village knows of me as evil person. I am not worried about that. Our spring day will come. Like snow, negativity will melt away.

After making Yankee Stadium an explosive success, we can have another speech, visiting every city. While fundraising, you are beaten by evil tongues and called names. Is that true?  To which category do you belong – smashed, appalled and exhausted? One group of people is angry; another is more strong.  In sleep are you angry or frustrated sometimes? ANGRY!  Sometimes you are frustrated to be honest, is that true?  That’s why you are here. If that is true think of my life in Korea. I survived much more difficulty.  I survived and took great interest.

Fishermen catch dead or live fish. When I look at your faces so alive and energetic it feels like live and energetic fish. You are trying to escape. It is more sensational. Fish thrive if they will escape from opposing   power. In a wrestling match if both wrestlers are strong and smashing people will cheer. More sensational. True? Yes! I’m that kind of person. I take great interest and have fun to watch all in America oppose. I think it is more sensational.

The other day I visited Congress. Most of those there were appalled at my appearance. Newspapers are thinking what does this man have in his mind. I say you are scared of me, I am not scared of you.  If one is fearful of their enemy they are likely to not to win the battle. Be strong and courageous.  If there is a tempest we must have the power of wind. Feel like that? Yes. Our groups have more power in persecution than in a wind storm.

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