You Are Responsible for Thousands

Cheon Seong  Gyeong 1697

The one flaw in all religious scrip-
tures is the fact that they do not explain
the process of the Creation. They do not
talk about the purpose and process of
God’s creation. Much has been written,
based upon all types of logic. Since they
do not deal with the concept of creation,
they do not know the direction and pur-
pose of creation. Hence, everyone in the
world is doing as they please, coming
up with evolutionary theory and other
damaging ideas, and behaving in what-
ever way they like. That being so, we
should clearly understand about the
concept of creation. Next, we need to
inquire why this world became so evil
when the direction and purpose of cre-
ation did not intend this. After discov-
ering that reason, we need to work out,
going back to the very beginning, why
entire nations met with destruction in
the process of history as narrated by
the Holy Scriptures and human histo-
ry. There must be a historical view with
a logical approach that can be justly
approved by everyone from both gen-
eral and practical standpoints. (212-323,

Cheon Seong  Gyeong 1139

Our lineage must be changed. Why?
Since we have inherited the lineage of
Satan, we must rectify it. You must
understand this clearly. (183-308, 1988.11.7)

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

I have experienced everything in the world. I would be a miner in a mining area. I would become a laborer carrying coal to a ship and so many other things. Do this on purpose. So whoever you meet do things with people. Make friends with all kinds of people – hunters, farmers, fishermen and scholars. You’ll have much to talk about.  Think I am planning to be a great world leader and I am putting myself in a position to do that. I can tell what people have gone through. Foremost doctors diagnose patients of every kind. Experts – go through all in their own field. True? Yes.

When you’re fundraising study a person’s face to know whether that person will buy or not. Your sense can be more keen without even looking.  When you pass a house you can know whether someone will buy. At other places, such as a particular apartment you are hesitant; you know people will not buy.  In the morning set out with the sense that 70 % of the people will buy flowers. Make a statistical study – meet, buy, how many, what type?  In that way raise the percentage of selling 70%, 71%, 72%, or 73% higher. In a few months you’ll be a top seller. Study on it. You cannot be frustrated.  Like a philosopher make rounds of village and grade the percentage of righteous people. Grade a village like that. Your record will have all the statistics about this village’s slums and wealthy areas.

If one looks statistically, they will find that people living in poverty have more of a heart to donate. In deep study you will find that a view of history will tell you God is making a great turning point so the poor will go up and the wealthy will fall. The rises and fall of the world scene shows the difference in these two groups.  Wherever you are your study shows how on a conscientious level a nation is situated. Study human behavior at the earliest possible date.  What I contemplate is making you into great leaders of the world. To be good leaders you must be responsible over your own economic field. You must be a capable PR person. Study how to win people’s hearts. Have famous man play the role of a bridge so he can make leaps and bounds by speaking to others. Be a good speaker, too. I trained myself to be a leader. You must be responsible for your own livelihood or economic area. I am different from other religious leaders. I am an activist not just a thinker. No one else can imitate this.

 I am earning money for the whole movement. You move as an instrument. I make you earn money so I earn money. Want money left over too? Yes. Want to restore America in a short time or extended over a lifetime? I am in haste and stingy with money. Is my motive to restore America? We must work harder. We must = 4 people. In our world people who want to work 8 hour days need not apply. True? Which do you want? America restored using 8 hour days in 9 years or using 24 hour days in three 3 years. We have to work 24 hour days. Still prefer? Yes. Easy to answer but when you go along you will be exhausted. You must be deeply determined before marching forward. Why the faster pace? For instance humans live for 100 years. Each 100 years 1 dies. So 1/100 of the world population passes during 1 year of time. The world population is 2.4 billion so 2,400,000 die every year. Without the truth they are bound for hell. Without witnessing that many die destined for hell. If we leave alone for 10 years 24,000,000 die away. Know that. Feel the haste. Yes!

If you are serious and willing to sacrifice for mankind you can save more people. What you are doing is so important. Be grateful to work so hard that you almost collapse. If you don’t work hard you should be conscience-stricken. That is what your attitude must be. We should be serious to find the core religion as a mind for the Democratic world. In this religion each person is so important as to correspond to thousands of members. You and all under you will collapse. Know how many people are in the church. Find out how many of the world’s population must be taken care of by each of you.  You are responsible for the eternal life of so many people. In the vast spirit world many people, especially your ancestors, are waiting to have your standard elevated. You are in the arena of a fight and so many are cheering.  Whether you are frustrated or active, so many people in the spirit world and on the physical plane are with you. Also, your future descendants will take pride. If you fail your descendants will be ashamed. History will long remember you; your record and your deeds. Your descendants will be proud of you as victors. Feel you are the sons and daughters of True Parents, not being proud of yourselves as victors.  Even in the present day I think of the future of the members. See in Father an example of zeal and courage. You cannot be exhausted if you think on this.

Richard:  What Father Moon is saying here is that you should be responsible to save the people of America.  Say there are 3000 people who understand this truth and there are 327 Million people in the United Sates.  Then each of these people (those who understand) are responsible for 109,000 people.

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