The Urgency of Saving America

Defining the Battle:  Sex Wars in Washington DC Part Two:

Mark 3

The next time that Jesus went into the meeting place, a man with a crippled hand was there. The Pharisees[a] wanted to accuse Jesus of doing something wrong, and they kept watching to see if Jesus would heal him on the Sabbath.

Jesus told the man to stand up where everyone could see him. Then he asked, “On the Sabbath should we do good deeds or evil deeds? Should we save someone’s life or destroy it?” But no one said a word.

Jesus was angry as he looked around at the people. Yet he felt sorry for them because they were so stubborn. Then he told the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He did, and his bad hand was healed.

The Pharisees left. And right away they started making plans with Herod’s followers[b] to kill Jesus.

Richard:  We need to support Christ, not work to kill him.

Psalm 97

The Lord is King!
    Tell the earth to celebrate
    and all islands to shout.
Dark clouds surround him,
    and his throne is supported
    by justice and fairness.
Fire leaps from his throne,
    destroying his enemies,
and his lightning is so bright
    that the earth sees it
    and trembles.
Mountains melt away like wax
    in the presence of the Lord
    of all the earth.

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

Political figures, Congress and the President, are fearful of newspapermen on Capitol Hill. All type of figures are scared when there is talk of Jack Anderson. They can be harmed by the pen. Something in their mind is torturing their conscience. If one’s conscience is stricken by guilt and is exploiting you, you are doomed to perish.

I am confident in using you because I work harder myself. When we get things done for all mankind we flourish. Not a penny of labor is used for yourself, but for the people of the United States.

The people of Tarrytown are scared because I buy more and more land in Tarrytown. 900 acres have been bought. Why do I buy land? My future vision is for the Unification estate to excel others.

On college campuses today the youth are corrupt. Those with three years in our movement will be picked up and educated in our own university.

I don’t just own Tarrytown and Belvedere. I bought many other lands. Call it ours or our church’s. OURS! It is correct to say yours. The outside world says the land belongs to church ministers but every land we own is yours. You worked hard to earn money. If it is not used to buy land is there anything left? No. Do you like this policy? Yes! I have done right then. That’s how you came to be trained here. A few months ago it was 20,000/m. Now 100x more expenditures 100x > work. In several years use 3,000,000/mo. That time influences all. Amen. If we do lectures too late America will be swallowed by communism. Do you feel the seriousness? Yes. There may be casualties but we must fight. I am sacrificing you victims. Fight on. You can become one with me.  Me with God. You and me win the victory. Do you think so? Has any other group of young people become one with the leader to save a nation? Even within Congress and the cabinet and the president are no one like this. We are the only such group in the history of America and mankind. Members become one with me and God to save a nation for mankind. We have nothing to envy. George Washington could fight with him [God]. Our battle is much greater. We fight Satan. Is that greater?

Never think you are miserable while fundraising. It is a bullet to pierce Satan’s heart. However we face many obstacles and dash forward. Before coming here what were you like? Because you are that way you hear what I have to say. You need me as a leader to recharge. I am sympathetic. Understand? At the start of training you found that you found a dynamic religion. Without religion as a cure the mind of the Democratic world will collapse. With your mind as a cure we can save the Democratic world. Apples are either top quality or decaying. Those who dropped out are like rotten apples. Not you? No! If apples had a will almost all of them would say they do not want to become rotten. If a mind is distracted it is apt to come rotten. Be careful. You must separate yourselves from the evil way and belong to the right side.  Don’t be in between.

Who are university graduates? Some of you have dropped out? More have dropped out. It’s the same in Korea. They join the movement. Education is no problem. Did you study at universities to be salesmen on the street? Why not think the other way. I have purpose. I take delight in doing a job. College students sell peanuts. I have right spirit while others do not. You should study humans not any other science. The purpose of fundraising is to study humans not just sell flowers.

On the corner you may meet a well-nourished person. In your mind you can test and find out whether the person is a success or failure. Sometimes you are sarcastic or satiric but you cannot make a joke of a person. Say he is the president of the Chase Manhattan Bank people. Console his heart. Say why not come with me and buy him a dinner or lunch?  You can learn about humanity. Study. You should not just think you are selling flowers. Think that it is a bullet to save America. You may find a clue to saving the nation.

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