The Chosen People Hounded Jesus Out

Cheon Seong Gyeong 435

Why do we have brothers and sisters?
Why do we need brothers and sisters?
It is because with brothers and sisters,
boys can watch their younger sisters
and elder sisters, and from them learn
how their mothers grew up; and girls
can watch their naughty elder brothers
and younger brother, and from them
learn how their fathers grew up. This
is called the love of brothers and sis-
ters. So, you should love your siblings.
Also, you should learn to love your sib-
lings as you love your father and mother.
You cannot love them if you don’t learn
how. So, through watching your broth-
ers and sisters you learn how your par-
ents grew up and you come to love them
as your parents do. In this way, you will
be able to love your mother and father
even after you go to the next world. You
need your brothers and sisters in order
to be an owner of love without shame.
Then, would it be better for brothers and
sisters to love each other more than their
parents or less than their parents? It is
better that they love one another more.
Why is that so? Because watching and
loving your siblings is like watching and
loving your mother and father when they
were growing up. When you do this, it
fulfills the condition of loving your par-
ents from their birth to their death. So
these brothers and sisters are connected
to each other through such love. That’s
why I think this way.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1154

Satan is the enemy who violated
love. He is a wretched thief who entered
the house while the parents were asleep,
murdered the father and raped the
mother. Who is Satan? He is the enemy
of love who raped God’s beloved Eve,
God’s partner in substantial form.

The Incarnation of Jesus, A Pioneer

Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1959

Matthew 8: 18-22

The title of the sermon I would like to share with you is “The Incarnation of Jesus, A Pioneer.” I will speak upon this topic.

God exerted Himself to the utmost for the sake of saving fallen humanity. If someone sought us while we were yet sinners, someone toiled to introduce the land of blessing to us, it was not our beloved parents, children or spouse who related to us with such love. It was not a nation nor was it some saint or sage. It was none other than God Himself.

To pave the way for our hope, God has been exerting Himself until today. To alleviate our hearts and situations, to resolve everything in us that has been put out of order, He has labored and fought without rest. You must remember that God has been taking the responsibility of a pioneer throughout history.

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