Jesus Had to Remain Silent for 30 Years

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1150

If you have only one son or one
daughter and this only son dies, how
great will your pain as a parent be?
There is a saying that if the only son
of an only son for seven generations
dies, the entire neighborhood and sur-
rounding villages will mourn for him.
It is impossible to fathom the sorrow of
parents who have lost a seventh genera-
tion only child, therefore all the fam-
ilies in the area, all parents, children,
brothers and sisters will sympathize
with them. When we consider this, we
should reflect on the fact that Adam
and Eve were the only son and daugh-
ter for how many generations? For bil-
lions of generations!
Thus, the relationship of the Parent
and child were not consummated. God
lost the only son for billions of genera-
tions, so the only way to find that son
again is to overcome the pain lasting
Chapter 2 • The Internal Meaning of Sin and the Human Fall 1151
for billions of generations. We have not
known that we have such a Heavenly
Parent. (301-100, 1999.4.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1854

No matter how dirty the water, it
knows how to balance itself. People
should also know how to balance them-
selves. My coming here to Jardim does
not mean I have some special relation-
ship with Brazil. There are people living
here representing the five colors of differ-
ent races. Although I do not speak their
language, I do not think that they are a
different species. They are my kin – my
younger brothers and sisters. I am meet-
ing them again after living separately for
six thousand years. That is why they nat-
urally welcome me with joy, although we
do not share the same language, habits
and customs. (276-90, 1996.2.4)

The Incarnation of Jesus, A Pioneer

Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1959

Matthew 8: 18-22

What then did Jesus do to cope with this mission? He passed through a preparation period. Jesus tried to connect the hearts of humanity to the heart of God, and tried to accomplish the ideology that could move the universe, Heaven and people. Jesus was determined to go forward in the shoes of a pioneer, causing unity between heaven and earth, humankind and the earth, the earth and God, and God and humankind. We have to understand that it took exceptional courage on Jesus’ part to make this resolution, in spite of the tragic situation with which he was faced. God raised Jesus for the sake of the chosen nation of Israel and for the sake of all the things of creation found on the earth. Hence, even if the earth was to betray him, he could not abandon his mission because the people were still there. Even if the people were to betray him, he could not abandon his mission because Heaven was still there.

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