St. Paul Did Not Boast About Himself

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2005

Jesus came to establish the home-
land of the True God. The prophets and
patriots of history worked to build this
same homeland. In order to establish
heaven, one perfect man must come.
This man must be recognized by heaven
and earth, begin a family, have children,
and then establish a tribe, a people and a
nation. He must indemnify the relation-
ship between Cain and Abel, engraft
them to himself, and build the home-
land of God’s dominion in this world.
The prophets and patriots of history
desired this result. However, they were
unable to build the longed for Kingdom
of Heaven on earth to which individu-
als, families, tribes, peoples, nations and
the world could be connected. Therefore,
we must abandon the path along which
humankind has been heading and go in
God’s direction. (15-278, 1965.10.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1439

If you consider your family, you have
your own sons and daughters and your
parents, which means there are three
generations in a family. There are hun-
dreds and thousands of families that
can inherit the ideal of the God-centered
family on a similar horizontal level, cen-
tering on your own vertical relationship
with God. Once they are connected, they
can form God’s nation. Without doing
anything else, a nation can come into
existence. The world is not as compli-
cated or as difficult as you might think.
(240-27, 1992.12.11)

Richard:  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  Will you be a part of it?

Let Us Understand God, Who Wanted to be Proud

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 8, 1959

Genesis 1: 24-31

Those who boast, centering on themselves, for the sake of their joy will set conditions that violate the principles of the universe. The more one can be proud of the goodness and uniqueness of others, the closer they can get to Heaven.

Although all people want to transcend themselves to take pride in their families, churches, nations and the world, there has not been a world, nation, church or family on this earth that they could sincerely respect and be proud. Although we may be faithless, we must still build a relationship of pride with God. We must transcend ourselves to take pride in our families, our society, our nation and the world. Therefore, our minds are always being pulled in that direction.

Now we must reflect upon the heart of Heaven, who was filled with the desire to be proud of us. When we think about God’s tiring providence of 6,000 years, the purpose of which was to seek us, when we think about God, who has come looking for us through a miserable course of history filled with bloody battles, we find that He has never had the conditions upon which He could raise a person and be proud of him in the course of history. When we understand that such is the situation of Heaven, we dare not boast about ourselves or go before Him with some condition.

In the original garden of goodness, God was able to boast about us. He was able to take pride in us before all things and to be proud of all things before the angelic world. Our original desire to boast must begin with us as the starting point and then expand through the family, the society, the nation, and the world. It must become linked to the pride of Heaven. The fallen people, who could not achieve this, must strike themselves before they can set the conditions for pride. We have to understand that we are in this sad state.

Adam and Eve should have set the conditions of God’s pride so that even Satan could say, “They are the true sons and daughters of which You can be proud. They truly deserve Your love.” They should have been worshipped by Satan. Yet they have turned out to be the sacrifices of Satan for 6,000 years. We have to realize how great the sorrow of God has been, as He looked over this situation. Now we must set the conditions that can provide a source of pride to God, who is suffering such grief. One must become two, two must become ten, and ten must become ten million to form a people, a nation, a world and go in the direction God desires. The fallen people of the earth must inevitably seek this.

Therefore, you must now go forward toward the world about which God can boast, toward the sovereignty of which God can be proud. You must find and become the original person of which God can be proud and find the original life, personality and love of which God can be proud.

St. Paul did not boast about himself, though he had a high position and a great education. He could have been proud of his background, his tribe, his religious sect, and the chosen nation of Israel. The only things of which he wanted to be proud were what God had established as conditions of pride. You should learn about the life of St. Paul, who held onto that basis of God’s pride and carried on the battle. From the time of Noah to the present day, many ancestors who were raised before God suffered great tribulations.

How does God relate to us? He relates to us with what is most despised in the satanic world. We must understand this. Human beings fell because they lacked faith. Therefore, God emphasized that we must develop faith in the most difficult circumstances and that we must not eat the fruit in the most dangerous situation, when death is the consequence of eating it.

Consequently, our ancestors lived according to the word of God in an environment where it was difficult to believe in the word and put it into practice. Noah maintained his faith for 120 years as if it were a day. He chased away all persecution and scorn.

He was desperate to connect with the heart of God. He understood that what God wanted to be proud of was greater and more precious than anything of which society was proud.

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