Heaven is Pursuing Goodness

Ezekiel 3

Listen carefully to everything I say and then think about it. 11 Then go to the people who were brought here to Babylonia with you and tell them you have a message from me, the Lord God. Do this, whether they listen to you or not.

Richard:  We cannot control what people will do when they hear the truth of God’s Word.  Our responsibility is to give the Word with a loving heart.

Isaiah 31

The Egyptians are mere humans.
    They aren’t God.
Their horses are made of flesh;
    they can’t live forever.
When the Lord shows his power,
he will destroy the Egyptians
    and all who depend on them.
Together they will fall.

Let Us Love Heaven and Become Patriots

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1959

Matthew 5: 33-48

The topic of the sermon I want to speak upon is “Let Us Love Heaven and Become Patriots.” Let us become those who love Heaven and the nation.

Originally, human beings were to love Heaven, love their brothers and sisters, and love this land. They should have loved Heaven, people and the earth.

When God created humans, His goal was for them to love in such a way. Yet all who are living on the earth today have lost the ability to love Heaven, their brothers and sisters, and the earth, because they are fallen descendants. This is the grief caused by the fall.

Therefore, to bring fallen people back to their original state, God sorrowfully has faced every kind of battle without hesitation and has repeatedly sacrificed Himself for 6,000 years. In other words, we know that God has been seeking us with the responsibility to restore the lost people.

Although we are ignorant of the will of God’s providence of restoration, our minds are subconsciously following the heavenly relationship, which has had a dominant influence in our lives. We often experience this in our daily lives.

How do your minds ceaselessly, yet subconsciously, move in pursuit of goodness and the world of greater ideology? Why is your mind not moving in the direction you desire? This is because there is God, who is leading you in a direction of which you are not consciously aware. He is working through a relationship which surpasses your imagination. This is how our minds are being led by the ideology of goodness.

Heaven is the highest good and the loftiest of all ideals. Heaven is the pinnacle of human life and the center of hope. It has been active in the past and present, and will be active in the future. Hence, we must understand that our minds are being guided in the direction of goodness, which Heaven is pursuing.

Even if your heart is drawn toward goodness and you possess a good nature, you should not assert that this is your doing. Moreover, just because your body has been fashioned in the way of goodness based on the heavenly nature, you should not boast that it is your own.

Even if you possess something that is praiseworthy, good and illustrious, you should not consider it to be yours alone and manifest it as such. If you forget that Heaven has created such in you and are proud of yourself, you will be committing a crime against Heaven. We often witness people committing these kinds of sins all around us.

Today, we all desire goodness and righteousness. Even our minds, which pursue goodness and righteousness, do not belong to us. You have to understand this. If you look at the history of good minds, you will discover the 6,000 years of human history, God’s work of creation, and finally God’s original nature. You must act on behalf of historical and future relationships and possess the original goodness which operates through this center. If someone tries to block your way as you are trying to possess this goodness and sets up an opposing condition, how can you be sure that this violates heavenly law?

People today should pursue this good mind. Furthermore, after they come to possess this good mind, they should not live for themselves but for the greatest center of goodness. Nevertheless, we know there are not many people who understand this.


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