The Movement for Abstinence and Blessed Marriage

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2220

As national representatives respon-
sible for the world, you are to achieve
unity with America, which has its
responsibilities as the nation repre-
senting the world. You have to become
perfect Cains before me as people who
represent the nation and the world. You
cannot have your own individual con-
cepts about that. Realize that at this
exceptional time, you need to stand
resolved to represent world history, to
become the representative Cains of all
Cains, and to cause the archangels to
be ashamed because you have surpassed
their conditions of atonement as you
become like Heaven’s loyal archangels.
(88-143, 1976.8.10)

Richard:  On November 29 it will be 21 years since the Blessing ’97 Holy Marriage Blessing at RFK Stadium in Washington DC.  Stacey and I were there, and we lived in that neighborhood.  Absolutely, the movement of abstinence before marriage and Godly Blessed Marriage must continue and is desperately needed by our world and families.  As such, Urban Life Training will be initiating a grant program to facilitate the formation of Chapters throughout the nation.  Let me know if you want to be part of this exciting program.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 435

Why do we have brothers and sisters?
Why do we need brothers and sisters?
It is because with brothers and sisters,
boys can watch their younger sisters
and elder sisters, and from them learn
how their mothers grew up; and girls
can watch their naughty elder brothers
and younger brother, and from them
learn how their fathers grew up. This
is called the love of brothers and sis-
ters. So, you should love your siblings.
Also, you should learn to love your sib-
lings as you love your father and mother.
You cannot love them if you don’t learn
how. So, through watching your broth-
ers and sisters you learn how your par-
ents grew up and you come to love them
as your parents do. In this way, you will
be able to love your mother and father
even after you go to the next world. You
need your brothers and sisters in order
to be an owner of love without shame.
Then, would it be better for brothers and
sisters to love each other more than their
parents or less than their parents? It is
better that they love one another more.
Why is that so? Because watching and
loving your siblings is like watching and
loving your mother and father when they
were growing up. When you do this, it
fulfills the condition of loving your par-
ents from their birth to their death. So
these brothers and sisters are connected
to each other through such love. That’s
why I think this way.

Let Us Love Heaven and Become Patriots

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1959

Matthew 5: 33-48


Father, when we reflect back on history, we find that humanity has walked the course of Golgotha. The mountains and streams at which we are looking are full of skulls; the city in which we live is a city of skulls; the land in which we live is barren. We who stand here were abandoned by other people. Father, what is the one thing we can possess? Jesus said that when someone strikes our right cheek, we should let them also strike our left cheek. When someone asks us for our coats, we should also give the clothes we wear beneath it. When and where will these words be realized? They will be realized through a people who assert a certain ideology and through a religious group.

Father, this nation never knew how to speak in its own defense, even when it was suffering through its 4,000-year history. Even when it was suffering through many despairing events, it endured with patience for the one day of hope.

However, this people does not realize that it has been placed on the hill of Golgotha in the last days due to a hidden heavenly connection. Father! Father, please let every part of this peninsula be filled with voices like the cries of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. Allow us to look for the true people who long for Jesus, he who begged You to forgive his enemies on the hill of Calgary.

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