The People You Bring to the Heavenly Kingdom Are Your Eternal Possessions

Cheon Seong Gyeong 413

In the spirit world in the future, your
ownership is determined by how many
people of the heavenly kingdom you
bring. These are your possessions. These
are eternal possessions. (218-227, 1991.8.19)

Richard:  This passage points us to helping people become disciples of Christ.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1475

God’s invisible form is symbolically
reflected in all parts of our body. Whose
eyes do ours resemble? God’s! Hence,
when you closely study the facial fea-
tures of human beings, you see that the
eyes are set deeper than other features.
The deep-set eyes can thus observe
everything. Next, the nose symbol-
izes Adam and Eve. It rests at the cen-
ter. Next, the mouth symbolizes all
the things of creation. It is horizontal
and encloses thirty-two teeth, or four
times eight, based on all the things of
creation in the world and the number
four. Next, the ears symbolize all direc-
tions. The features found above the neck
symbolize heaven. In other words, it is
the information center of heaven. (201-
83, 1990.3.4)

The Path of Life We Must Go, Entertaining Hope

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 22, 1959

Romans 8: 18-21


Father, we know well that as Jesus reached the age of discretion, he felt more strongly about the hope that he cherished from the day he awakened to the truth. That hope was to become united with the Father, going beyond the family, the race, the nation, the world, and even the infinite spirit world. Jesus knew that the beginning and end of everything must move together with the Father. He walked without minding the difficult path, the sorrowful path, and the path of the cross.

Father, all people of the world walk the path of life, which passes in any case. All things we see before our eyes look beautiful. Yet please allow us to know that they are merely passing phenomena along with us. We know that everything in this world in which we have taken delight, have believed and relied upon, will not be of any service to the world of our mind and the world of eternal hope. Father, we pray from the bottom of our hearts that You will let us cast all this aside and allow only the hope centered on You to be the totality of our lives for our entire lifetimes.

We know that because the hope that honors and inclines toward the Father is more valuable than anything we have and more precious than our lives, unless we become those who fight holding onto it, we cannot become the Father’s sons and daughters. Please let us have strong hope with which we can laugh in scorn and withstand the hill of death. Please do not let it end only as a mere hope. Allow our mind, burning with this hope, to be strongly motivated. By doing so, we sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to become the sons and daughters whose minds and bodies can run on this path.

Please allow us to know that You can trust only those who have strong minds and hope, trying to honor the Father; those who are able to go over even death. We ardently wish and desire that You allow us to be the sons and daughters who know that our hope today is not a hope of which we take hold and march forth with for some years. Rather, it is a hope of which we take hold and march forth with forever. Furthermore, let us know that without hope, we cannot lead a life worth living.

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