The Words of the Principle are Sweeter than Honey

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2336

The Principle is a storehouse con-
taining the words of life. Listening to it is
like attaching a rubber hose to a big cis-
tern to be supplied with the water of life
through it. Once you get a taste of that
water of life, you will go crazy for it and
could never tear your lips away from it
even if you tried. If someone pulled you
away, your lips would be torn from your
face. It’s just like a bee sucking on honey:
if you were to pull at it with tweezers, it
would stay in the honey, even if its tail
came off. Similarly, you will find some-
thing in the Principle that is sweeter
than even honey. (90-197, 1977.1.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 429

God created a man and a woman.
He intended for them to reach perfec-
tion, marry, become established as the
heavenly husband and wife, and live in
the heavenly kingdom. God’s plan was
to make Adam and Eve the first husband
and wife in history and establish the
foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven
upon their relationship. If this plan had
been realized, God’s first two blessings,
to be fruitful and to multiply, would have
been achieved then and there. God gave
Adam and Eve the power to multiply His
children. Had they not fallen, they would
never have passed sin on to humankind.
Their children would have been born
without sin and would have grown to
perfection as sinless beings. What else
would have occurred? By giving birth
to such sinless children, Adam and Eve
would have become the true father and
true mother of humankind centering on
God. They would have become the True
Parents. (Blessed Family – 319)

The Religious Person’s Attitude

Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 1959

Hebrews 11:1-32


Father, please allow our minds and bodies to be fraught only with the Father’s Shim Jung, at least in this hour. Let this be the hour in which we become imbued with the mind of original nature and are drawn toward the Father’s Shim Jung. Please allow the deeply penetrating Shim Jung to put forth its buds in our minds and bodies so that, upon seeing the Father rejoicing, we can run toward Him and enfold His neck with our arms.

We have learned that You are the Father who appears subtly. You will not initiate any action until we lay bare our thoughts. We still have loyalty toward the Father, in spite of our contaminated minds. Father, please seek us through this Shim Jung. Through this Shim Jung, give orders. Please allow the ardent Shim Jung with which we can call You “My Father” to seep out, unconsciously shedding tears, sorry for the insufficiency of our bodies and realizing the inadequacy of our past lives.

We have learned that Heaven feels no reluctance in protecting anyone and everyone; Heaven feels no reluctance in becoming the friend of one who seeks Heaven. Heaven is the friend of those who wail to Heaven and shed tears. He takes delight in showing Himself to be our Father, who will live together with us forever.

We miss the voice of the Father who would subtly counsel us. We long to feel the wonderful love of the Father, who would embrace us in subtlety. We miss the moment when we can call You “Father” and want to boast and exclaim that You are our own Father with uplifted hands.

We thought You were far, far away from us; but we realize that You have been with us in our minds, and we are glad we met such a Father. You were close in our hearts when You were said to be far away from us. You were crying out from afar, saying that You were in our hearts. Human beings today are not attuned to this.

Please allow us to repent in this hour for not knowing that when we thought You had forsaken us in the past, that was the very time when You were closest. When we thought You were not with us was the very time You were.

We did not know about the mind of the Father, who would not wish to leave His sons and daughters in hardship. There have been numerous times when, not understanding Your heart as You went through the tortuous path, we thought You were unkind and heartless to put us out on the path of toil. Many times we bewailed our ill fortune and were spiteful toward You because of the past. Father, please forgive us for having been bitter against You, for having betrayed You, for having denied and distrusted You.

We have learned that all this is due to the crime our ancestors committed by falling. It is the cause of the prophets and sages having died, leaving behind the bloodstains of bitterness in human history. Is the standard of our minds lofty today? Please purify our minds. Am I longing to represent God and put my body and my prestige on the line? I pray and wish earnestly that You let us be the sons and daughters who know how to call You “Father” after striking our bodies, which have no excuse to offer in the presence of the Father’s internal character, aware as we are of the fact that the Father is in a miserable place.

Father, we know that there is no need for many words. Heaven delivered the words, but the people could not put them into practice. Upon seeing that, Heaven came to feel sorrowful. We learned that words easily become lies and that the Father’s sorrow has been growing more severe every day.

While Heaven is aware of the sorrowful circumstance of having to speak again, humankind is not aware of it. In spite of this, God is in a situation where He has to give advice out of concern for humankind, unable to abandon them. Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You forgive us for having to re-learn Your situation.

We gathered today, considering this a holy day. We gathered, longing for Your words. We gathered, waiting impatiently for Heaven’s grace. I know that we gathered wishing for something. Therefore, Father, I pray from the depth of my heart that You now allow us to wish to be our true selves; that You will guide us to know how to listen to the words and commands that are passed down from our true selves.

Father, You know that I did not want to disappoint You, in spite of the sorrowful events that took place as I walked the forty-year life course in obedience to Your will. I did not want to retreat in defeat under hardship. Father, as we come to be aware that the history of tribulation ceaselessly continues on the path that remains, we cannot help informing the Father of our insufficiency with bowed heads. I wish You would allow this one body to bear the grief of history. Please allow Heaven to go beyond all the remaining tribulations, taking this body as a sacrifice.

We long for the moment when the Father can rest, when the Father and I usher in the moment of happiness, having discarded all sighs of grief, arms about each other’s necks, calling each other “my son” and “my Father.” Please allow us to be the sons and daughters who can go to the spirit world having established single-hearted devotion based on fidelity on the earth, regardless of any sacrifice we may have to make or any misery we may have to go through on the earth. Since we have made up our minds to go such a path, Father, I pray and wish earnestly that You will drive us and lead us to not mind it. Father, I ardently solicit that You will let this be the hour when we form a resolution and make a vow with a new mind and body.

What shall I speak about in this hour You have granted? Since I am trying to convey what You wish to reveal, please allow me to convey Your Shim Jung as it is. Ardently soliciting that You let this be the hour when the minds of the receivers blend with Your Shim Jung in one unified Shim Jung, when we can sing of the Father’s glory, embraced in the Father’s grand bosom, I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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