Ask, Seek and Knock for the Incarnation of God’s Will

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Acts 3

14 You rejected Jesus, who was holy and good. You asked for a murderer to be set free, 15 and you killed the one who leads people to life. But God raised him from death, and all of us can tell you what he has done. 16 You see this man, and you know him. He put his faith in the name of Jesus and was made strong. Faith in Jesus made this man completely well while everyone was watching.

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Isaiah 35

2 Deserts will bloom everywhere
    and sing joyful songs.
They will be as majestic
    as Mount Lebanon,
as glorious as Mount Carmel
    or Sharon Valley.
Everyone will see
the wonderful splendor
    of the Lord our God.

Let Us Follow the Way of Jesus

Sun Myung Moon
April 26, 1959

Matthew 7:1-20

Jesus knew that this nation should serve the Messiah. Jesus watched as the nation failed to ask with hearts more desperate than others for the substance of the Messiah. The church left its place and failed to seek when it should have sought with a heart more sorrowful than others. Jesus saw the Jews failing to knock when they should have knocked and waited for the heavenly gate to open.

The nation was eager for the realization of the heavenly will, yet failed to fervently ask, seek and knock on the door for the incarnation who could fulfill it. Jesus intended to realize the will with a nation that did not know the true will of Heaven. Thus, he did not pass even one day, one hour, or one second without thinking of the will.

Jesus’ Shim Jung before the will was greater than Mary’s. As he was quietly helping Joseph make a living, his Shim Jung was such that the more he watched the nation and lost confidence in them, the more seriously he worried about the will and made a new determination. We should know that he had a course of preparation like this for thirty years.

We should know that the life of Jesus was such that with a passionate Shim Jung of worry about the will, he worked hard in an unknown place to fulfill the responsibility for the sake of Heaven and the nation. We should know that with a heart more fervent than anyone else’s, Jesus worked hard and ceaselessly in place of the nation to ask, seek and knock on the heavenly gate.

After he matured, Jesus ate and lived for the sake of the nation. He worried most about how to serve the will of the Heavenly Father; but there was no one who understood his thirty years of private life being concerned for the heavenly will and who then asked, sought and knocked with Him.

Because of such circumstances, Jesus became miserable. For Heaven, he had to ask, seek and knock in place of the nation. Above, Jesus had to ask, find and knock on the door in place of Heaven; below, he had to ask desperately in place of earth and the nation. He had to open the heart of the nation by asking and knocking on their hearts with a passionate Shim Jung.

In this situation, Jesus prepared himself for thirty years for the sake of Heaven. He prayed, “Heaven who loves me! Father who sent me! Since I know that You sent me to show the way to the nation and to connect their lives with You, please forgive their errors and shortcomings.”

When the nation slept or indulged in pleasure, Jesus could not sleep comfortably, rest, or enjoy himself, watching their unfaithfulness and betrayal. He fought to hold onto the nation and connect them with Heaven. Only Jesus himself knew about this. There was no one who could console his heart.

Jesus must have been unable to suppress anxiety as he longed for the time of the will. His Shim Jung as he set out with determination for the practical course of the will must have been deeply pathetic, ineffable, and woeful beyond human experience. We should realize that with such a Shim Jung, Jesus worried about the course of his public life, the time when he would put the will into practice.

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