Why Did Jesus Fast for 40 Days?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2082

North and South Korea cannot
become one if they remain as they are.
For this, we need patriots who fight with-
out sleep and possess hearts of determi-
nation, willing to overcome all obsta-
cles. The unification of North and South
Korea begins with people who think, “I
truly want to live together. I would like
to die together if we must die, or live
together if we must live. I would like to
live together with our forefathers, with
those who are in the spirit world.” (148-277,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1278

The holy wine contains elements rep-
resenting all creation, which cannot be
accused by Satan. After drinking the holy
wine, and becoming one with True Par-
ents, if you commit any acts that defile
your body, you will be worse off than
Satan himself. Satan defiled and violated
the perfection level of the growth stage.
But if someone receives the Blessing and
then commits a sin, he defiles the sub-
stantial body of God in the perfection
level of the completion stage and cannot
ever be forgiven. This is a truly terrifying
thought. (Blessed Family – 596)

Let Us Follow the Way of Jesus

Sun Myung Moon
April 26, 1959

Matthew 7:1-20

Jesus came in place of Heaven as the Savior of all people. Yet there was no one who fathomed his heart and who came forward among the nation, which was in need of salvation. They did not even know about the thirty-year course of hard effort he had gone through, not to mention his heart. Even the clique of John the Baptist, who had lived in the wilderness and should have been responsible for the nation, wound up opposing him.

Looking at the nation with such sadness, Jesus had a thread of expectation in John the Baptist. However, when even he turned away from Jesus, greater sorrow was added to Jesus’ heart.

Although the time was approaching when he would appear to the nation with the gospel of Heaven, the nation and John the Baptist were nowhere to be found. Therefore, Jesus could not appear before humankind. This is why Jesus went through the forty-day course of fasting in the wilderness.

Even though Christians believe that the forty-day fast was a glorious moment necessary for Jesus, this is not true. Jesus fasted because the nation and John the Baptist’s followers were nowhere to be found. Furthermore, it was because the three wise men from the East and Anna, Simeon and Mary, who had conceived Jesus with a definite purpose, failed to acknowledge him when he set out on the course of praxis. We should know that Jesus met such a miserable fate, although he was the master of the earth and the prince who had come to save all people.

Jesus was supposed to have an altar of glory, joy and victory after completing the four thousand years, but when he set out to build this new altar, he met a sad fate. He was starving and being tested by Satan. The scene of Jesus’ being tested by Satan is a scene that should be looked at by humankind with deepest sorrow. The hours of woe during which Jesus was ridiculed and tested by Satan after starving for forty days should have been a time of trial for the nation. Yet it was transferred to Jesus as his sorrow. Naturally, Jesus could have rejected, complained against, and cursed the nation that boasted of being the chosen people. Instead he rose up, starving and fought with the heavenly Shim Jung against Satan for the sake of the nation.

Jesus’ position was unknown to the nation of Israel at this time. His Shim Jung as he appeared before Heaven with determination in this position was that no matter how woeful a situation he had to go through, his purpose and his unbending commitment to the Father’s will would never change.

Jesus knew that the Father’s will was to save all people through this nation. He honored this, undeterred by starving or near nakedness; no persecution or trial could destroy his heart, which had longed for the will for the thirty years. Thus, whenever he appeared with such a purpose, he could not help feeling, at the same time, the sorrow he had on behalf of Heaven and the sorrow of God. We should know that because he made an even firmer resolution for the will in such circumstances, he was able to go back out, seeking the people who had betrayed him.

Although Jesus hoped that the Israelites would come to him while he was alive, since they failed to do so, he became someone who could be visited only after death. Because of their failure to serve him, although he should have saved humankind in his lifetime, he could only do the work of salvation after his death. The fate of today’s Christians and the whole of humankind is that although they should have knocked, asked and sought through the Shim Jung of the living Jesus, they knocked only after his death.

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