Humankind Should Search to Find Heavenly Father

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 434

Orphans do not have a relationship
with their parents. Everyone wants to
be loved. The ideal manifestation of that
love is parents. We can say that a person
who can neither receive parental love
from his parents even though he wants
to, nor love his parents even though
he wants to, is very miserable. Sup-
pose there is a person who is much less
attractive than some local orphan. Even
so, as long as that person can serve and
devote himself to his parents, he can feel
very fortunate by comparison. He might
think, “One may be handsome, yet if one
does not even have parents, of what ben-
efit is that?” He might also think, “I may
be ugly and disabled, but at least I am
fortunate to have a mother and father.”
(39-231, 1971.1.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 502

What should parents do? They should
teach their children in such a way that
brothers and sisters can love each other
just like their mother and father. At the
same time, they should teach them, say-
ing, “As we love the nation, you should
also love the nation in this way.” Then,
they will not need any other education.
When you pray, ask God to make your
children do it this way since you are
doing it this way.
You can set your children up in such
a position only after you have first set
the standard. If you have stood in such
a position, God will naturally lead your
children in the same direction. Thus, if
you fail to reverse the trend here, you
will be called to account when you pass
on to the spirit world. (13-103, 1963.11.1)

The Grieving Father, Son and Daughter as They Try to Establish the Kingdom of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
May 17, 1959

John 14:1-24

Sorrow is deeply embedded in my heart. A world of fear is also taking me by surprise. Struggling with such a reality, where is a peaceful garden of heart within me? Where is a garden of serenity and freedom? This is a serious and immediate question that has to be solved by today’s humankind and by those of us living in this time.

You are placed within such a realm. The time has come for you to realize this. The time has come for you to raise your right hands and shout, “Heavenly Father, please hold onto our arms.” Then raise your left hands and shout, “All of humanity, let us march forward together.” What are we then to do in this world when we cannot feel such a drive in our mind and cannot receive such a stimulus even when we want to?

Although people have searched, fought, struggled and done all kinds of things, not only did they not find the solution, the result has been despair, death and destruction. It is time for us to understand that our human effort does not bring about any result.

Knowing that heaven exists, humankind should search to find Heavenly Father with the conviction to link ourselves with heaven. When such a day springs forth within an individual, he or she will revive. When there is a congregation, a race, a nation, and a world striving to find that day, no one will be able to deny that this congregation, race, nation or world has the cause and the ideology to establish a new world of destiny.

We will be more fearful when we realize that Heaven is looking down on this world. In the world of heart, the effect of the fear you did not know you had will intensify as days pass and ages are ushered in.

Therefore, you cannot continue heading toward that world, that direction. If you take that path, you will surely feel danger toward your life. You have to realize that such a path is not to be taken by people of the original heart and should go back. You have to have such a heart. Greater than any loyalty you have demonstrated toward Heaven and earth, greater than any suffering you have endured, more intense than any fervor you have shown, you must give loyalty, receive suffering, and be passionate.

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