You Should Feel Both God’s Happy and Sad Aspects

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2280

The term True Parents began in
God’s mind before the creation. You
should know, that as all ideals were cre-
ated by God under the head of the ideal
of love centered upon the True Parents,
they too reflect His desires before the
Vast numbers of people were sacri-
ficed in the course of God’s providence
to establish the True Parents. God cre-
ated a great number of religions in His
dispensation and they typify the angelic
world, Cain, Abel, the child by a concu-
bine, the adopted child, the stepmoth-
er, and the adoptive parents’ positions.
Finally, He created the True Mother and
True Father religion.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1192

If you have a clear understanding
about God and True Parents, every-
body will be liberated. Everybody will
revive. That is why you must show God
and True Parents to others. If you only
become the substantial manifestation of
God and True Parents, everyone will be
liberated. So, when people cling to such
a person, they are clinging to True Par-
ents and God. Because their original
mind knows that, they will do so imme-
diately. Why am I saying these things
today? I am telling this to you because
today is a day of declaration when we are
passing through such a transition peri-
od. (131-51, 1984.4.1)

The Grieving Father, Son and Daughter as They Try to Establish the Kingdom of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
May 17, 1959

John 14:1-24

Throughout history, God was able to find humankind through conditions of faith and practice. Allowing humankind to establish the conditions of faith, what else has God required of people? He requested practice. In order for God and me to be connected and to establish the foothold that will rid me of my sorrow, the path of practice has to be opened centering on faith. That is the only way to bring about the historic connection.

This is because my existence is not for myself; rather, I am destined to deny myself and follow the direction of Heaven. Because Heaven sets its course for the sake of the world and the cosmos through sacrificing individuals, the direction of goodness never focuses on the self; nor does the standard of goodness. All is for the purpose of the nation and Heaven. Due to this, Heaven has led the providence for humankind through emphasis on faith and practice.

It has already been a six-thousand-year history of emphasizing faith and practice. Looking back, we can see it was a history sad beyond imagining. Yet you today must realize that the sorrow of Heaven in trying to hold onto humankind was much greater than the sorrow of human beings. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to Heaven. No one has realized this until now. Humankind created a historical precedent of driving Heavenly Father away and murdering the saints and sages.

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