Discard the Thought of Going to Heaven Out of Personal Motivation

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2083

What are we to do, living in a divided
nation, with North and South bordering
each other along the thirty-eighth paral-
lel? The question is how will we go about
resolving this issue? That is, we must
suffer more than both the North and
South Korean people. Through hard-
ships, our patriotism will be solidified
to encompass the nation and become
the shortcut to save Korea. This is the
solution. It is the same for the unifica-
tion of the world of evil and the world of
good. Loyal patriots who are more faith-
ful than the loyal patriots of the world
of evil must emerge. This broken history
can be restored with the appearance of a
person who can demonstrate a stronger
allegiance to the world than that held by
our loyal ancestors. That’s how I see it.
(61-125, 1972.8.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1542

Christ at his Second Advent is com-
ing to save humanity. Once the heaven-
ly standard has been established, God is
ready to strike. He takes the offensive.
That does not mean that He kills His
foes by executing them in the style of
Stalin; instead, He makes them surren-
der at once. He must make Satan sub-
mit to Him, firstly through His ideology,
secondly through His citizenry, thirdly
through His sovereignty, and fourthly
through His territory. Everyone desires
to have ideals, friends, power, and mon-
ey, and these four items represent the
four that have been listed above. (12-169,

Richard:  This is a helpful way to think about Cheon Il Guk, or the nation of God.  When you have ideals (an ideology), friends (people or citizens), power (sovereignty) and money (land, territory) you have the basic elements of a “nation”.

The Grieving Father, Son and Daughter as They Try to Establish the Kingdom of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
May 17, 1959

John 14:1-24

In that state, you who are searching for the world of the heart should not have faith for your sake. Please discard the thought of going to heaven or the thought of trying to accomplish something out of personal motivation.

Jesus never had the thought of entering heaven himself. His notion of faith was believing for the sake of the universe, the nation and God. These are not fanciful words. It was the truth. How invigorating it is to have faith in doing something, not for myself, but for humanity, the world and for the Father!

If I love something, it is not to love it myself, but to love it in the name of the nation, humankind and God, and to live for the sake of others in the name of Heaven and earth. Therefore, we should attend God in the name of humankind and Heaven. We should also have a grateful heart as we attend God and the heart to practice what we believe.

Satan will never invade you should you walk the path of faith and loving with all your heart, attending with your body and soul, and believing, loving and attending, transcending yourself, grateful for your life. No matter how strong the influence of Satan’s temptation might be, it cannot affect people of such faith.

What is God’s dream? It is to restore the lost heaven, the lost parents, and the lost children. Now we should restore our nation, our people, and our parents. Therefore, we should become the true children of the True Parents. We have to defeat Satan and forget about the six thousand years of sorrow and resentment, and be able to take pride in the conditions of victory and love. You must clearly know that this is the way for us to become the true sons and daughters in the presence of God, who has gone through a history of sorrow.

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