Side by Side With God, We Are to Liquidate this World of Han

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1742

Why marry? We marry to resemble
God. He has dual characteristics and
is a unified being in which both char-
acteristics are harmonized. Man and
woman were created to resemble each
of His dual characteristics. Thus, man
and woman should come together in
complete unity and harmony, become
like the seed, and return to the posi-
tion of God’s original character. For us
to connect to that seed we need to go
the way of love, and so we need to be
born out of love. We need to be raised
with love as our goal, live centering on
love, and walk the path that will lead us
back to God’s love in heaven. You must
understand that if you do not follow
the path focused on that goal while liv-
ing on earth, you will be headed in the
wrong direction. If you keep your mind
focused on leading a life of loving others
you will be on the right path, no matter
which way you go, as if you were trying
to find your way to the South Pole or the
North Pole. (138-97, 1986.1.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1027

When you eat rice in the morning,
you eat new rice, right? There must be
some fresh flavor. In the same way, you
must give new things. From a spiritual
aspect, you should supply something
new, like a health supplement, and add
flavor to it. You would have to add sea-
soning to give it a new taste, a sour taste,
a salty taste, or even a bitter taste. (75-176,

The Person Who Will Serve the Grieving Father

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1959

Matthew 23: 1-39

If you were able to liquidate all of history’s han and the many hidden tales of Heaven, how would you approach this question? With what determination, in what form, and with what attitude? If Heavenly Father relates to humankind and cannot yet resolve the deep han that dwells in His heart in spite of His historic pleas and efforts, and that has been the reality, then who will appease His sorrowful heart? We have to realize that the cause of the existence of such a han originated not from Heavenly Father but from humankind.

The history of han will repeat itself over and over again. It will continue to be separated, age after age, from God’s dispensation, if humankind fails to understand their role as the ones responsible to resolve His han and fails to fulfill that mission.

As long as God exists, He will continue to search for the one who will stop the flow of sorrowful history and liquidate the han of Heavenly Father and humanity. God has fought until now to find and establish such an individual. It is certain that He has dominated history so that such an individual will be able to attend Heaven.

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