The Victorious Course of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2179

People of filial piety will think of
their parents first when something good
happens in their lives. In the fallen world
people think of their spouse first when
they see something good. However,
unless you buy something precious for
your parents first, you cannot buy some-
thing for your spouse.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1566

These eight months of January
through August have all been part of
a new era in 1989. It is now the end
of August isn’t it? The course of glob-
al indemnity has been completed in
these eight months. In connection with
this we were able to hold many events
last year, including the cross-cultural
“exchange” Holy Blessing and the dec-
laration of the Foundation Day for the
Nation of the Unified World. Thus, all
conditions of indemnity were fulfilled.
In this way, everything was brought to
completion in August. This includes
the marine and water related activities.
I have accomplished so much up to this
point. (193-100, 1989.8.31)

The Ceremony of the Settlement of
the Eight Stages signifies the restoration
of the right of the eldest son. It was held
after both the vertical historical course
and the horizontal course of indemni-
ty on the levels of the individual, fam-
ily, people, nation and world – in short,
the vertical and horizontal courses of
indemnity in the eight stages – had
been completed. It signifies the comple-
tion of the course of indemnity for all
people of the world. All this comes to
fruition through the Ceremony of the
Settlement of the Eight Stages.
We have entered an era when we
can come together in harmony through
love with no need for indemnification
because, after the restoration of the
right of the eldest son, it is embraced
in the bosom of the parents. War and
struggle to restore the right of the
eldest son are no longer necessary in
the realm of parental love. In order to
initiate this, the Ceremony of the Settle-
ment of the Eight Stages must be per-
formed. Through this ceremony, the
children in the positions of the first and
second sons can be forgiven by those in
the position of the parents, and we can
enter the next era of forgiveness of par-
ents. (193-173, 1989.10.3)

Richard:  Rev. Sun Myung Moon has already set the foundation for us so we can progress towards God’s Ideal without the need for war and struggle.

 The Person Who Will Serve the Grieving Father

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1959

Matthew 23: 1-39

We say we love God. God has loved humanity for six thousand years. The greatest sadness is that which is felt by a loving heart; the greatest pain is that which is felt by a loving heart. The greatest happiness is that which is felt by a loving heart.

We say that Heavenly Father is love, but has He ever felt happiness? No. We have to understand that in dealing with fallen humanity and in loving humankind, Heavenly Father has never seen a day of happiness. We thought that God was the God of love and that He was always enraptured in joy, happiness and peace, but that is not so. Humanity today has to realize this. No one on earth understands that the greater God’s desire to save humankind, the greater the pain in His heart, since He possesses a heart of love. No one understands the pain of Heaven deep within that heart of love.

Humankind knows that God is love and that He is the subject of love. Humankind does not know the heart behind the bloody history which God has suffered for humankind.

What must believers realize in the last days? As we have known the God of love, we have to know the sorrow that saturates Heavenly Father’s heart. We should know the pain that fills Him. The moment has come to realize this.

Even if heavenly joy through love can be allowed in this world, such joy cannot be given to believers who long for personal happiness. That is because joy is a happiness which must be granted through history. It is a hope that is promised to history. Happiness and hope come about not on my terms, but on the terms of the history that is pulling me forward.

Therefore, as God is love, an individual longing to hold onto God must also hold onto the sorrow within the heart of Heavenly Father and the pain that besmirches His heart of love. We have to clearly understand that only such individuals can inherit the happiness of God’s love.

What is the han of Heavenly Father? It is not that no one believes in God. It is not that there are no people who realize God is there. If the God of love does have han, it is that no one understands the sadness and pain that fill His heart. You have to realize that such is the sorrow of Heavenly Father. That is His han.

What kind of people should we become to end the sorrow of humanity and receive the last days that will liberate the han of Heavenly Father? We should be people who can carry the heart of sadness and pain in God’s place, and say, “Please love humanity.” We have to start with this attitude. Instead of being concerned about ourselves and asking God to love us, we should think of humanity and ask Him to love humanity. If there is an individual who can live in accordance with such a heart, that person is testifying about the heavenly sorrow to this world, and he or she has experienced the pain of Heavenly Father.

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