We Have to Fulfill Jesus’ Mission on Earth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2268

The Bible teaches that God is our
Father. It refers to Jesus as God’s only
begotten son and to Jesus’ followers as his
brides as well as his siblings. As it reveals
content in which everything exists with-
in a framework of God’s family centered
on His love, it is a doctrine that builds
His family and teaches the duties of that
family that will allow God’s son to rest
within it. (195-195, 1989.11.15)

Richard:  The ideology and teaching of Rev. Moon, the Exposition of the Divine Principle (https://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/DP06/0-Toc.htm) and The Eight Great Textbooks of Holy Scripture:  (http://visionroot.org/resources/the-eight-books-of-holy-scripture/) are the fulfillment of the teaching of Jesus.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1668

Everything in the world was creat-
ed by God as the textbook to help His
beloved children attain the ideal of love.
Thus, it was created with a recipro-
cal structure. Minerals exhibit subject-
object interaction, as do protons and
electrons in the case of the atom. Noth-
ing can continue in existence without
engaging in action and motion. Thus,
with human beings as the center, the
universe is created to reach that central
point. (137-59, 1985.12.18)

My New Self and the Heaven Where My New Self Can Dwell

Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

Jesus was born on this earth as a totally new being in human history. However, he lived a miserable life.

For whom did Jesus live? He did not live for himself. It was not because he did not have pride. Although he was persecuted, he had within himself the power of life and ideology and the power of intense love. We should know that he lived without fully spreading his authority of life, ideology and love. For whom did Jesus live? He lived for his miserable people. The resurrected Jesus has toiled until today to resurrect our dead existence by his living substance. That has been the historical course of the two thousand years since his death. For whom did he live his thirty odd years? It was not for himself but for God and fallen humanity.

For that matter, for who did God toil? God has never lived for Himself. He lived to save the people who had died because of the fall.

What kind of days are the last days? Since Jesus did not live for himself, humanity has to offer a time when Jesus can live for himself. Since God also has not lived for Himself, humanity also has to establish a time when God can live for Himself. The last days are such a time.

God could not live for Himself until today because He had to save the dead people who had inherited the fallen lineage. Jesus could not live for himself during the two-thousand-year history. Holding onto humanity in the realm of death, God has been working six thousand years to save them and to restore a new day.

What determination should we make today? We should inherit Jesus Christ and be born again. Have you felt the power and touch of life permeating your mind? Have you felt that this is the only ideology for humanity? Have you felt that this is the only thing that can resurrect humanity at last and initiate a new history? If you have felt this, you should abandon living for yourself and walk the path Jesus walked.

After the resurrection, when Jesus looked down upon this world and saw how God’s worry and concern filled this earth and how much toil remained, he wanted to pray, “Oh, God! Please entrust everything to me and rest in peace.” That was the heart of Jesus. However, God could not rest. As Jesus felt sorrow, God also felt sorrow; as Jesus was dying on the cross, God also felt the pain of death.

As long as we believe in Jesus, we should not envy the world of glory, even if we have confidence that we will elevate to the position of glory from attending the resurrected Lord, having crossed the judgment altar of the last days.

Jesus came as the king of kings to restore the heavenly sovereignty, to attend God as the son of glory, and to bring peace to all people. However, he was not able to rejoice even for a moment. Jesus lived and died solely for us, humanity. God is still holding onto this earth. Jesus is still holding onto this earth. The Holy Spirit is still holding onto this earth. If we are to become friends of the heart with Jesus, we should have the heart that says, “God! Holy Spirit! We will hold onto this earth now.”


One thought on “We Have to Fulfill Jesus’ Mission on Earth”

  1. Father is not here to guide us, help us, scold us, make us laugh, make us cry. He left the keys to the Kingdom in our hands, he gave us his precious word, his example and his life and love. That is, Father is the way, the truth, the life and the love.

    Israel failed to receive Jesus. Christians failed to understand him properly and what his mission was. They wanted to worship and adore him, believing that by just believing in this man they could go to Heaven.

    Now today Unificationists have also rejected Father by following one person or another, all with different understandings and emphases.

    These are tragic times. Father accomplished so much, but the victory has not been harvested because members were not listening and paying attention like the men of Galilee looking into the Heavens and the clouds.

    The victory is here, we just have to understand that, and then ‘pick it up’ and expand it.

    We became true parents (conditionally) on Foundation Day. We have Father’s full authority and power and the right of succession, in fact even before Foundation Day, but how much more so now.

    Regardless of what Father’s family members do or say, we have been given the Blessing of all Blessings. We have independent authority as independent Messiahs to liberate this world by our own self-power. As Father wrote in one of his calligraphies:

    “The liberation of humanity is through self power”. Auckland, New Zealand. (early 2000’s)

    As for being independent messiahs:

    “As prince and princess who own the cosmos, why do we need the foundation day to commemorate the past? We don’t need it; we don’t need me. Think of the victory there that will produce many fruits and seeds. You will be blown away to the world and become new trees; why do you need the old tree? As long as you are one with God and take nourishment from the soil, you become an independent messiah”. Speech on the 47th Foundation Day. May 1, 2000 (of HSA-UWC)

    You don’t need to wait for anyone, seek anyone’s permission, you are the ‘true parent’.

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