Jesus Came to Show the Standard of an Heartistic and Loving Relationship

Acts 17

17 After Paul and his friends had traveled through Amphipolis and Apollonia, they went on to Thessalonica. A Jewish meeting place was in that city. So as usual, Paul went there to worship, and on three Sabbaths he spoke to the people. He used the Scriptures to show them that the Messiah had to suffer, but that he would rise from death. Paul also told them that Jesus is the Messiah he was preaching about. Some of them believed what Paul had said, and they became followers with Paul and Silas. Some Gentiles[a] and many important women also believed the message.

Isaiah 13

I, the Lord All-Powerful,
    am terribly angry—
I will make the sky tremble
    and the earth shake loose.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

Matthew 10:34-39

Matthew 18:15-20

Just as all things admire the sunlight and move according to the sun, all people will bow their heads if someone appears, who possesses the foundation of God’s heart and love, which the human original nature desires. That time must surely come.

Jesus came to present such conditions; he, however, could not bring out the standard of such a heartistic and loving relationship because he was killed. This is the lamentation of God and the aching pain and resentment of God for six thousand years and of Jesus for two thousand years. We should realize that God persevered through the six thousand years of dispensational history to see the day when his pain and resentment are comforted and liberated.

When the time demands this and God’s will to unify the movement of reform and openness exists, we should pray, “Oh, God! Where is Your love? Where are Your loving denomination, Your loving servant, Your loving sons and daughters?” If that person exists, he would be the one most persecuted by this world. God said He is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end will come with the same appearance, although there may be a difference in its size.

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