History Can Find the Stabilizing Point and Start a New Age

Save the dates:July 5th  to July 7th, as we will hold an Urban Family Life Training seminar for couples and singles seeking a godly spouse.  You will learn how to set up a ministry to guide youth and young adults toward godly marriage.  It will be held at the Peace Kingdom Center in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2282

You should have the qualifications
necessary to enter the heaven where I
am going. To enter you need to fulfill at
least one of the points I have instruct-
ed. What would happen if you achieved
that? You would then become worthy to
connect to the love centering on the true
God, the true Parents, true nation, true
world and true heaven. In other words,
you would earn the right to serve God
as your own Father, the Father of the
individual, family, nation, world and
all of heaven and earth. In other words,
you will inherit the authority to serve
Him as your individual, family, tribal,
racial, national and global Father. This
is because He exists to become the Par-
ent and stand in the position of the uni-
versal Parent.
Therefore He is the Father of the
individual and at the same time, of the
family, tribe, people, nation, world and
heaven. This is the case in both the phys-
ical and spirit worlds. (98-224, 1978.8.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 755

Do you all know into which part of
the body God invested His greatest cre-
ative effort? It is the sexual organ. The
term sexual organ does not signify a
reproduction machine. It is the most
precious part of all, but it lies beside the
most unclean part. Are you aware of
that? Is the urethra found in the same
place or not? It is in the same place. This
is true for both man and woman. Why
were they created that way? Even the
best of seeds needs to be fertilized to
take root and grow well. The greater the
value of something, the more fertilizer it
needs to continually receive.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

Matthew 10:34-39

Matthew 18:15-20

Jesus spoke of the bridegroom and the bride. Those words were external, like a letter. Religion until now was the religion of conscience. It was not the religion of the heart. It set the heartistic target, yet did not have the heartistic content. Therefore, his words were a form of conscience and a letter of a promise. Thus, we need to find the words of heart by which we can relate to the content of that letter. We need to look for the words of heart in which I can be eternally intoxicated, for which I long, with which I can rejoice, with which I can love, and with which I can live together. Next, we should become the substantiation of our Father’s words. We should become the substantiation which God will not deny and which Jesus will recognize as his bride. Only then, can we become the heavenly person.

From now on you should not say that you do not know the Bible which you believe in very well; that you do not know who is really Jesus; that you know him only by words, but not heartistically; and that you know Jesus conceptually, but not experientially. If you are like this, you have nothing to do with Jesus.

It was said that now is the time “to find,” “to seek,” and “to knock.” We visited the fancy brick houses and great doors and looked for tens of years, yet we did not find anything. We should, therefore, look in the opposite direction. God is pushing us from behind. God is bringing the good people and driving them into the evil world. We should know that God’s new dispensation starts from the people who are persecuted. That does not necessarily mean that such people are the Unification Church members. The people who came here for the first time may think, “Oh, look at this Unification Church. How could they do this.” but think as you will.

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