There is No Distance or Limitation in the World of the Heart

Cheon Seong Gyeong 247

Even if you go to another coun-
try, you should offer that nation first to
heaven, devoting all your effort for that
nation so it does not fall behind other
nations – as if you were unifying your
own country. In the Old Testament Age,
all things were offered; in the New Testa-
ment Age, the offering was the sons and
daughters. In the Completed Testament
Age, it is our own couples; and next it is
God. Through the Fall, we could not be
with God on earth. We separated from
God and served Satan, so now we should
bring God in and connect everything
back together. Therefore, your posses-
sions are not really your own. Things
correspond to the Old Testament Age,
and sons and daughters correspond
to the New Testament Age. In the Old
Testament Age, the things of creation
were sacrificed to pave the road for the
sons and daughters. Today, the return-
ing Lord, the True Parent, suffers here
to bring God to this earth. Since human
beings brought Satan to earth, it has
been made into hell. We must bring God
here. We must do this through true love.
Re-creation is accomplished through
the origin of true love that invests and
invests and forgets about it. All things,
children, and one’s own self that can
serve God must be linked through true
love and acknowledged as possessions of
God. When these are connected to true
love, you will receive your share again
and become connected to the age of chil-
dren’s possessions. These will be distrib-
uted for ownership to mother, father,and
children. (211-352, 1991.01.01)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1379

Kim Il-sung was very interested in
the Blessing, and asked “Are you real-
ly going to conduct a mass wedding of
30,000 couples?” He could not figure out
how we would go about blessing 30,000
couples. I told him, “Thirty thousand
couples is nothing.” I could tell they
were thinking that if I were ever to bless
30,000 couples, they would very much
like to see photographs of the ceremony.
So I sent photos of the event and they
were shown to Kim Jong-il and Kim
Il-sung. The photographs of the 30,000
Couples Blessing are not displayed in
the Blue House (Office of the President
of South Korea), but they are hanging on
the office walls of Kim Il-sung and Kim
Jong-il. Was I right in doing that or not?
As a result, the gates to China and Rus-
sia were opened. Now all that remains
for me to do is to open the gates to North
Korea. (239-42, 1992.11.23)

Longing for Eden

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959

Genesis 2: 1-25


Father, if anyone possessed a true mind and true body, he would surely long for life in the original world. After the creation of heaven, earth and all things, You felt so much happiness in seeing the first original human beings, Adam and Eve! They could directly relate to You before the fall. How precious was their position of glory, from which our ancestors should have been able to relate to You! Please grant that this hour be one of admiring the original world. We sincerely hope and long for the heart of goodness which can cause a direct reaction from Your heart. We hope and long for the form of original goodness which can hold Your hands. We long for our original ancestors.

Even on earth, we know that there is no distance or limitation of time or space in the world of the heart. Please allow us to long for our original form, which is the form of our original ancestors, born of the heart of infinite love. We are still asleep, struggling and wandering aimlessly in the realm of death. Please allow us to shed tears of longing for our original form. Allow us to struggle in search of You as our Creator. Father, we earnestly ask You to grant us the experience of beauty in our minds and bodies, which can harmonize with the atmosphere, the environment, and all things of that original world.

All people of the world are proudly asserting themselves, yet they are striving only to make themselves visible and higher without acquiring the original form for which You long. Your words convey the message that Your sorrow in facing humanity has penetrated heaven and earth. Having lost their owner, all things remain in the realm of lamentation. We realize this. Father, please do not permit us to become forgetful of our responsibility to transcend this realm of lamentation and to liberate You.

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