What is the Fruit of Good and Evil?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1770

If God the Creator wished that His
object partners be millions of times
more outstanding than Himself, why
did He create human beings so that they
could fall? This is the question. God
did not create them to fall. He warned
them not to fall, “Do not eat of the fruit
of good and evil!” What is this fruit? It
refers to the female organ. Women are
weak. When our first ancestors lived in
the Garden of Eden, they were naked.
(262-74, 1994.7.23)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1342

The question that always comes up
in a family is whether the parents and
children can completely unite. Within
his family, Adam should have become
one with Cain and Abel. In order to
become a family that can stand in God’s
presence in complete unity, the parents
and the two sons must set the condition
that they become one. Otherwise, they
cannot enter God’s presence at all. This
is where the 72 Couples, as double the
number of the 36 Couples, come in. They
were established to organize the tribes
that Jesus would have restored through
the families of his twelve apostles and 72
disciples. In other words, the 36 Couples
and the 72 Couples correspond respec-
tively to the twelve tribes of Israel and
Jesus’ 72 disciples, and so they are in the
position of restored representatives who
can lead Israel. They also represent the
restored basic numbers that God had
sought to reclaim through Israel. (54-293,

Longing for Eden

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959

Genesis 2: 1-25

Jesus blessed his enemies. He blessed those who hammered the nails into his hands and feet and who put the crown of thorns on his head. He blessed the reckless enemy who pierced his side with the spear. Why did he do that? He could bless them for he understood well that they are human beings who were created as a result of the greatest investment of God, through His earnest heart and a process of enormous toil. Can you understand?

Jesus came with God’s inner situation. He was opposed by his enemies. However, he had to bless them, for they were human beings whom God had created with His whole heart and energy, His original heart.

Jesus had a perfect relationship with God in prayer, meditation and imagination during his thirty-odd years of life on this earth. Therefore, he was the original true person. He was the person for whom all things and God longed.

A human being desires to finish his leftover work the next day, if the work was not completed the day before. It is the same for God. If a person entered into the world of God’s heart and experienced how much joy God felt after creating human beings, dancing for tens of years would not suffice to express the experience.

God would not need human beings who were created with the value some religious people describe. The value of the human being is enormous, for he was created through absolute principles that have unlimited flexibility and cannot be measured by any law. When God looks at such a person, He feels His whole inner nature and the emotion of the whole cosmos from him. God is infinitely joyful upon seeing him.

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