Satanic Blood is Flowing at the Base of Our Being

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 628

Satanic blood is still flowing at the
base of our being. Satanic love has been
rooted in our body. That love flows
through the blood vessels in our life
and is meshed into our nerves. From
there, our body, which consists of one
hundred trillion cells, was formed. We
have to lament by our own initiative the
miserable plight of sustaining this life
together with satanic blood. We should
be determined and resolved to destroy
this satanic life hundreds of times over
during our lifetime.
Can you embrace and love your own
body? Can you walk around like a mad
dog dragging its muzzle saying that you
are hungry? Can you approach your
spouse to satisfy your lust centered on
your body?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1192

Why are things such as indemnity or
the restoration of the right of parents,
the right of the eldest son, and the right
of kingship necessary? Satan’s love, life
and lineage are the key problems. What
originally should have started from God
has actually begun from the devil. The
devil made a start centered on some-
thing incredible called love. The universe
was created because of love. The process
of creation took place centering on love,
which is the source of all beings. Satan
overturned this origin. That is why the
original source that was twisted must
now be twisted back. (206-236, 1990.10.14)

Richard: These readings emphasize the fact that we need to change our blood lineage to God’s blood lineage. The marriage Blessing initiated by Rev. Moon is the first step of this process.

Longing for Eden

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959

Genesis 2: 1-25

We should be able to long for all things and all people. Have you longed for all people? Have you ever experienced the heart which is connected to God’s pure heart, which can enjoy giving without limit and then forget? To induce such a heart, God worked the dispensation with words like religion, the Savior, the bride and bridegroom. We should be able to give our all to Him.

God is longing for the day when He will receive all things offered with heart and longing. He longs to receive a family that is offered with heart and longing. God is hoping that this nation, this people and this world will be offered.

You should be able to stand in front of God with a longing heart and say, “I only have this one cent, but please accept it.” When you can do this, that one cent can represent the cosmos. No matter how humble the family, if they can say, “Please accept this unworthy family,” that family can inherit the heavenly task. When the Israelites, who wandered miserably in the wilderness, asked with a longing heart toward God, “Please accept this people as Yours,” God tried to give the leading authority of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth to those people.

It is the same for the nation and the world. If there is an idealism or ideology for all of humanity, it should make us long for God heartistically; otherwise it cannot resolve the fundamental problem of life and the heavenly dispensation.

The fall was missing an hour of longing for God and for the original garden in search of heartistic relationship. Therefore, my mission for the restoration is to put my life on the line and achieve the world where such a relationship is established.

God presides over the ideal realm of that heartistic and longing-filled garden, and He searches for all things and humanity. If there is a person who can call such a God “my Father” with the attitude that can comfort God’s mind and with a heart desperate to fulfill that mission, then God cannot say He does not know him. If there is a person who wanders in search of the original garden with such a heart, God cannot say He does not know him. Humanity cannot deny him. The creation cannot deny him. We should know that he is a true human being.

Therefore, all things which grow in that garden of longing, the human beings who live there, and God who comes to that garden should not be disconnected. Rather, centering on the human being, God is in the above position and all things are in the below position. They form one happy resting place in which all can harmonize. We should know the person in that garden is the one whom God can love, whom humanity can love, and whom all things can respect as their true owner.

Unless this work is completed, God’s total will cannot be completed and see the glory of victory. We will not be able to resolve the sorrow of the fall and realize the dream. We should know clearly that we cannot build the world of victorious glory unless this is fulfilled.

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