Our True Original Hometown is in the Mind

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2084

Should God have the thought of tak-
ing revenge, thinking of Satan as the
opponent and an enemy, then He will
never be able to occupy the summit of
victory. Rather, God has opened up the
strategy of love, saying, “Love your ene-
mies. Love your enemies!” The summa-
tion of Jesus’ teachings is also, “Love
your enemies” (The Way of Unification – 595,
1983. 4. 3)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 526

Can you know the taste of honey
through someone’s explanation? Just
an explanation would not work. Before
explaining, one would have to open your
mouth and feed you the honey and then
tell you that this is the taste of honey.
Then, why do we say that not having a
son brings about disappointment and
unhappiness? People with only daugh-
ters say that those having sons would
have nothing more to desire. Western-
ers are a bit dull in this regard. Through
emphasizing individualism, they have
lost all such feelings. Therefore, they
must regain them. Hence, they now are
returning to Eastern thought in order
to do so. Thus, your families must have
husband, wife, sons and daughters. This
way, they must attain complete oneness
and go forward in sync with heavenly
fortune from beginning to end, going
on to live eternally, which is not pos-
sible alone. Even if you could live alone
eternally, you would be carrying a bag
of suffering around in the eternal world.
You would not be able to receive the ele-
ments necessary for happiness. (24-223,

The Path In Search of the Original Homeland Rev. Sun Myung Moon July 5, 1959

Luke 15: 11-32

What kind of place is the original hometown we long for? It is not the same place you mean when you speak of your hometown. The original hometown is the original hometown of the mind, that place of shelter for my heart, where my mind can take pleasure, the nest of the world of the heart. You must know that.

We say that God has been unfolding the providence of salvation. If Heaven was to restore me and restore humanity, I would say to God, “Please restore me on the condition of my heart rather than my circumstances.” Why is that? Circumstances can change, while Shim Jung has only one condition. For that reason, I think the man who seeks the true view of faith would ask for this.

Jesus said, “Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? It is in your mind.” Where is our true original hometown? It is in the mind. Because the Kingdom of Heaven has a historical connection with the mind, we long for that original hometown in our minds. Because our emotions are unbreakably connected with our minds and are in a tangle, we long for that original hometown. Therefore, we must lead a life worthy of the original hometown, which can be connected with the original mind in the course of life. We must feel the garden of the original hometown.

Who would live in the original hometown? The original hometown is not where we live today. It is a place that can be likened to the garden of true happiness that history longs for, where true peace and true freedom begin. Think about it. Who is going to be there? The lofty, great and dignified God will be there. The Lord whom we have eagerly awaited will be there, too. The Holy Spirit will be there and the numerous meritorious retainers who have come and gone in providential history. Don’t you think so? What is more, there will be incomparably loyal subjects; there will be filial sons and daughters and virtuous women without peer. If you cannot feel something of the ideology of that world by expanding the bounds of your mind, you won’t be able to connect with it.

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