Moses was the Leader of the Adventure

Cheon Seong Gyeong 339

When a man and a woman come to
stand in the position representing God
centering on love, they become connect-
ed to everything in the universe. When
this happens, everything God possesses
becomes theirs. The reason true love is
great is that through true love you can
become God’s object partner and God
can also become you. The Bible says
that God and Jesus dwell within you.
It is from here that we can say that the
father is in his son, the grandson is in
his grandfather, and the grandfather is
in his grandson. The grandfather and
grandmother should make a relation-
ship of heart with their grandchildren.
Only then, will the vertical line of love
start. Also, the grandchildren must
become one with their grandfather and
grandmother. Since the grandfather and
grandmother are in the position of God,
they should be attended like God. Oth-
erwise, the axis of love will not be deter-
mined. The horizontal line will arise
after this is established. Human perfec-
tion starts with creating a vertical rela-
tionship with God. (298-308, 1999.1.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1512

He created Adam and Eve as the hor-
izontal basis of reproduction and foun-
dation of love. Since they stand on the
horizontal plane, they revolve from East
to West. A 180-degree plane stretches out
infinitely. Consequently, reproduction
can take place in all directions. Repro-
duction is necessary in order to create
those who can be born and grow on this
vast horizontal plane before passing to
the spirit world as the eternal citizens
of heaven. Reproduction takes place on
earth. This is because reproduction is
possible only through the physical bod-
ies of men and women. Babies cannot be
born in the spirit world. (213-265, 1991.1.21)

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Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 19, 1959

John 10: 1-18

Noah punished himself in order to establish the standard of the family. He punished his body for 120 years to conquer it. He was in a harsh environment of criticism, sneering, and all sorts of unimaginable difficulty. Can’t we imagine that?

In spite of it all, he said, “Let’s persevere. God has promised me and is leading me, so would I ever turn away from the heartistic standard that God has established?” He conquered all difficulty by punishing himself.

Had Noah’s family given up all worldly conditions and hoped to found a race, then God’s will would have been accomplished during that time. God’s will would have been fulfilled if Noah’s family had denied all personal family matters in search of a race, holding onto the standard of Noah’s heart.

But Noah’s family broke away, unable to fulfill the will centering on the family. But the providence to fulfill the will still continued. Heavenly law was at work. You cannot just keep holding onto an individual when the individual fails. Just because the family failed and the family cannot be established does not mean that heavenly law stops going forward. Although an individual may fail, heavenly law still moves on.

Although an individual failed, God still had to work the providence to establish the family since the moment of the family was coming. He had to work to establish both the individual and the family. Even though that family failed, the providential time table did not slow down. The providence has been widening from restoring the society to the level of restoring a race.

Having lost the individual Noah and his family, God established Abraham after four hundred years. Abraham had to set more severe conditions than those through which Noah went. But having lost even Abraham, God established Moses after four hundred years. Now it was the age of the nation, so He drove the Israelites into Egypt and trained them hard. To train them hard is to strike them. It is a strategy to bring unity. It was the plan to make them into one.

God told the Israelites, “The land in which you are living is the land of the enemy. The palace of the Pharaoh is the palace of the enemy. The people of Egypt are all your enemies.” Because the homeland for the Israelites would be possible only when they could all unite, God drove the Israelites forth, looking only at the moment when they would enter the blessed land. God raised Moses as the leader of the adventure. He represented the nation since the providential time entailed a nation. Moses, the leader of the adventure, was the greatest explorer and the greatest of spies going into the uncharted land of Canaan.

For Moses to kick away the interference of the Pharaoh’s palace and lead the Israelites into the land of Canaan was not an easy path. It was the course of the unknown. Yet despite any difficulty that lay in front of him, Moses was determined. His heart was unchanged. He said, “Get in my way if you want to, but my heart of trying to find the land of Canaan that God has promised since the time of my ancestors will never change.”

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