Become a True Son or True Daughter

Cheon Seong Gyeong 794

The seeds of a fruit should assimi-
late and condense all the aspects of time
and space connected with its growth.
The seed, root, branch and fruit can all
be found in the seed. The flower and
fruit are also included. Thus, we should
become people who can begin life in
this way. Only then can we say that God
is ours centering on love. No one could
object to this. (137-330, 1986.1.5)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1243

You must know the value of the Bless-
ing before you receive it. You should
understand that through the Blessing
you become one of the citizens of the
Third Israel. Now that you know the
significance and value of the Blessing,
do you think it is possible for a person
to reach individual perfection without
receiving the Blessing? Are unmarried
people ever treated as adults? Even in
the human world, when men who have
been bachelors or women who have been
virgins die before they marry, they will
be bachelor ghosts and virgin ghosts.
Because they could not marry, they nat-
urally became ghosts; this is just how the
heavenly laws operate. (19-106, 1967.12.31)

The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

he title of the speech I am about to give is “The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days.”

No matter how great one’s power, how lofty one’s character, or how much glory one may possess, there is not even one person who can confidently claim he or she is the true son or daughter of God. This is true of all humanity. To become a true son or daughter, one has to have true parents. One has to go through the relationship of a true family and possess some quality of being connected to true brothers and sisters. Otherwise, one cannot create the environment of a son or daughter and cannot stand in that position.

If God exists and has been carrying on a providence, what is the ultimate purpose He has been seeking? It is none other than to find someone He can call “My true son” and “My true daughter.” God’s ultimate purpose is to usher in the day when He can stand connected to this true son and true daughter through the eternal heart, linked to all relationships of the world. He wants to share the words “Father” and “sons and daughters.” We must understand that God is longing for that day.

If there is a Creator, the origin of the universe and the center of the entire existing world, the ideal world that this center desires is not some phenomenal world on this earth. The world that God desires is not some conceptual world in Heaven or some external world. The world He desires is a place where everything is in the flow of love, which moves the relationships of the heart, where people can be called sons and daughters of God. Therefore, no matter how great God is, even if He is the Creator and an absolute being, He hopes for people with such qualities.

History seeks what is true. It pursues true people, a true nation, and a true world. We all have the desire to become true people.

Then what relationship among relationships sets the standard? It is the parent-child relationship between God and human beings. The heart which originates from this relationship will not be conquered by any power; it is eternal, unchanging and unique. The power of this heart is absolute. Therefore, when one emerges with this authority, all existing beings will have to bow before him in humility. When one acts with this authority of the heart, all of Heaven and earth will follow. This is the iron-clad rule of the universe. If this is not true, the purpose that we deeply cherish cannot be realized, and the one absolute relationship cannot be achieved.

For this reason, no matter how lofty and great God may be, His greatest sorrow is not having seen the day when He can call people His own sons and daughters. If people are created through these heavenly relationships, the failure to raise up such sons and daughters is the source of greatest sorrow. This is also the greatest sorrow of humanity.

If God has true sons and daughters whom He can call His own, that by calling them He can forget the toils of the past six thousand years and all the grief of the past, then this will be the beginning of the liberation of Heaven. Humanity will finally then be able to sing the song of joy. We should predict the coming of such a time.

If there is a last day for humanity and the heavenly principles, what kind of day should it be? That should be a day when God can pronounce to human beings, “You are my true sons and daughters whom I cannot deny for eternity. My sons and daughters, now all my grief has been alleviated.” It should be a day when God can comfort you and rejoice with you with an open and free heart. Only when such a day comes, only when such sons and daughters appear on earth, will the new ideal world begin.

However, until now there has not been such a son or daughter. We have not been able to establish a day when the relationship of true sons and daughters can be secured. Those in whom God can take pride as His true sons and daughters have not yet appeared. Unless such people appear, God’s will and the hope of humanity cannot be fulfilled.

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